Brothers Conflict: Episode 11 – “Eleventh Conflict: Love-Hate”

Brothers Conflict is a series about a high school girl named Ema who moves in with her new stepbrothers; she has a total of 13 stepbrothers, and the majority of them live in the condo that Ema moves into. The series focuses on Ema adjusting to having these new stepbrothers and with the feelings that some of the brothers have developed for Ema.

The main focus of episode 11 is on Ema and Yusuke taking the college entrance exam. It turns out that Ema didn’t do so well on the most recent mock exam, so she’s getting rather worried and nervous. She even makes a comment in the episode that her grade on the mock exam has gone down since moving into the condo. Unfortunately, it appears the drama with her various stepbrothers is distracting Ema from her academics.

Before the exam takes place, Ema has to deal with Azusa saying he doesn’t an answer from her until after the exam, Subaru telling Ema he’s accepting an offer to play professional basketball that was made to him in the previous episode and saying he doesn’t need an answer from her until after the exam, and Futo calling with an awkward-sounding phone call to encourage her before the exam.

Also during the section before the exam, the audience sees Iori finally admit that he’s interested in Ema and that he will risk it all to love her. I had suspected Iori had feelings for Ema, but that he was being more subtle about expressing his feelings through the flowers that he would leave her on occasion.

After the exam, Natsume takes Ema out to an arcade place to play games. When he asks if there are other games she’d like to try, Ema says there’s so many she can’t make up her mind. Natsume tells her they can come back another time if there’s some they don’t get to, and Ema suggests bringing everyone else along at another time. Natsume is taken aback; however, he is even more taken aback when Ema mentions Subaru playing professional basketball, because this is the first Natsume has heard about this.

When Natsume takes Ema home, he’s about to admit his feelings to Ema when Subaru arrives and interrupts. Subaru gets ticked and punches Natsume in the face. When Natsume recovers, he admits his feelings to Ema in front of Subaru, which only angers Subaru more. Later, Natsume has a talk with Ema, and he tells her about how much Subaru idolized him when he was younger, and how after Natsume quit track and field, he could no longer be the big brother that Subaru idolized. The rest of the episode shows what Subaru is thinking and what he decides to do.

From the way this episode was done, it was obvious that the show is wrapping up. There were two major developments in this episode: Iori has officially become another suitor and that Subaru seems to be bowing out of the potential suitor role. However, with only one episode left, how serious of a suitor can Iori become?

I can’t forget to mention that during the episode, Ema thinks to herself that after the exams are over, she’ll be open with her stepbrothers in a whole new way. After seeing that thought of hers, I’m hoping Ema will call a family meeting in the next episode, and declare that she loves all of these guys as brothers, but doesn’t see them as anything more than brothers. I admit that in some respects I kind of hope that Ema would end up with Yusuke, but at the time same time, the best resolution to this mess would be for Ema to not end up with any of them.

Well, at least Brothers Conflict is almost over. I’m very curious to see next week’s episode in order to find out how this series is going to conclude.

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