Early on in Episode Nine, the audience learns through a letter that Ai is writing to her friends in Ortus, that most of the students who escaped with her from Goran Academy ended up staying with Tanya and her parents after she was reunited with her family. Traveling together in the party now are Ai, Julie, Alis, Dee, and Celica (the baby that they picked up before they left Ortus). Their goal is to find Scar, who disappeared after Ai was kidnapped. Julie explains that after Ai left, Scar became mentally unstable. Julie says he feels guilty that he knew something was off with Scar but that he never did anything. Since Celica was attached to Scar, they have been using her as a navigator in order to find her.

Along the way, Ai learns that Alis’ birthday had passed without anyone knowing. A touching scene happens here, with the end result being a rather impromptu birthday party.

Later in the episode, Julie finds himself driving on a rocky road with rather low visibility. They quickly come to learn that they have arrived at Story Circle, which is the birthplace of the gravekeepers. The rest of the episode sees all of the party, except for Dee, looking for Scar, and what happens when they find her.

I would have to say that my favorite part of this episode is the impromptu birthday party for Alis. It gave the episode a nice light-hearted moment before reaching the more serious aspect of the episode after they arrive at Story Circle. I also really enjoyed what happens when they find Scar. Without providing any true “spoilers,” I will say that Scar ends up making a big progression for her character.

After watching this episode, I can still say that I’m enjoying Sunday Without God. It’s a compelling story that includes twists that I hadn’t anticipated. From what I’ve seen, it appears there are only a few episodes left, and from the preview at the end of Episode Nine, it appears we’ll finally start getting some insight into Alis and why he wants to save the world by destroying it. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode of the series to find out if I’m right, as well as to find out how the story will progress from here.

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