At the beginning of Episode Nine, Yura is seen calling the administration of the 24-hour tournament and admit to cheating during the final game with Meisei Women’s Academy. Shortly after getting off the phone, Sonora returns back to the dorm room from the hospital. Sonora starts asking questions about the tournament, and Yura tries to act as if nothing is wrong.

Later, Yura goes to the club room and admits to her teammates that she cheated, and the others are in disbelief at first. When Yura insists that she cheated, the club wonders if their win will be revoked. Yura also admits to calling the administration of the 24-hour tournament, and that they will be talking with Meisei before getting back to her. The other members aren’t happy with Yura for doing something so important as contacting the tournament administration without talking to them first.

When Yura hears back from the tournament administration, she is told that Meisei claims that the cheating didn’t happen and that their club’s win won’t be revoked. Yura then says she wants to have a rematch with Meisei, but Honoka says that wouldn’t be a good idea right now. From here, Honoka goes on a bit of a tirade about Yura’s behavior and attitude during the 24-hour tournament. She concludes by saying it felt strained, it wasn’t fun, and that the club wants to enjoy the game like it always has.

I have to say that I was glad to see the “tough love” that Yura was receiving from the rest of the club during this scene. I thought she really needed to hear about how selfish and annoying she’s been acting.

After this, Yura goes to Meisei Women’s Academy to talk to Rin and ask about why she didn’t tell anyone about Yura’s cheating. Rin says she thought that’s what Yura wanted. She adds that Yura is driven to win, no matter what the cost, and that Rin likes that. Rin ends the discussion by telling Yura she needs to do some deep soul searching. After this, Yura starts to become more distant from the club.

The next day, after seeing a report on TV about the serial sniper being caught with the help of Rin, she asks Sonora to meet her at the temple they practiced at so they can talk. During this scene, we get some more backstory for Rin. I appreciated that, because it did help me to better understand Rin as a character. Right at the end of the episode, Yura makes a declaration that could really change the course for the remainder of the series.

First, I will say that I was happy to see Yura’s confession to cheating happen early on in this episode. I admit that at the end of the Episode Eight, I was afraid they’d drag that out for a while. However, I was hoping to see Yura start to do things to redeem herself for how she’s been acting for the past few episodes. While Yura did admit to the cheating, it felt more like she was trying to make herself feel less guilty than truly being sorry for what she did. And realizing she cheated ended up not doing much of anything to make Yura realize she’s become too obsessed with winning instead of trying to have fun.

Of course, I think Sonora does need to shoulder some of the blame for what has led up to this point. I commented in a writeup for an earlier episode that when Yura started heading in this direction, Sonora would look concerned but didn’t really address her concerns with Yura. Perhaps if Sonora had taken Yura aside and explained her concerns when Sonora first noticed this attitude shift, there’s a chance that maybe Yura wouldn’t have gotten as out of hand as she did.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the episodes since Yura become obsessed with winning is the fact that the aspect about her vivid imagination seems to have all but disappeared. Perhaps this is supposed to be symbolic: since Yura is so focused on winning the survival games that she isn’t paying attention to her imagination.

There’s only a few episodes left of the series, so I’m really hoping that Yura will get through whatever confusion she may be going through right now and be redeemed as a character before the series ends. As it is right now, Yura has started to become an annoying character.

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