Blood Lad: Episode 10 – “The Dark Hero Rises”

Blood Lad is an anime that features a powerful vampire named Staz who is the boss of his territory and doesn’t really like being a vampire. When a human girl named Fuyumi manages to wander into his territory and dies in the Demon World, her bare soul was left behind. Staz promises Fuyumi that he will find a way to bring her back to life. They are joined by Hydra-Bella, a girl who is a top-level spatial magic user who is looking for the person who stole her black curtain and cast it; it was this curtain that allowed Fuyumi to wander into the Demon World. In the third episode, an old friend of Staz’s named Wolf joins the cast, and he develops an interest in Fuyumi. Staz’s siblings, Braz and Liz, are now also part of the cast.

This episode begins with Staz in the area that Hydra-Bella had sent him to in episode nine. Staz encounters a three-headed creature named Hydra-Heads. It uses spatial magic to move elsewhere and transform into a man. Staz and the audience learn that Hydra-Heads is the father of Hydra-Bella and Hydra-Knell.

Staz, as well as the audience, learns about what happened when Hydra-Bella and Fuyumi’s mothers merged 14 years earlier. Hydra-Heads also insists on knowing what Staz’s feelings and true intentions are toward Fuyumi. Once Hydra-Heads is satisfied, he destroys a recording device that allowed Neyn to overhear the conversation. Hydra-Heads takes Staz to his room, and says he will allow Staz and Fuyumi to be together on a couple of conditions. After some hesitation, Staz agrees to the conditions; the audience learns that Hydra-Heads was being a bit deceptive.

Meanwhile, Braz and Goyle have a confrontation. Just as all seems lost, Liz arrives on the scene and the siblings escape from the situation.

Staz and Fuyumi are reunited and have a very important discussion that determines how the two of them will progress going forward into the future.

While this is the last episode of Blood Lad for the Summer 2013 simulcast season, this is definitely not the last episode of the series. There are now three plots that have loose ends: Staz trying to help Fuyumi return to life, Braz trying to overthrow Wolf-Daddy in order to get his revenge, and what will happen to Staz’s territory. I expect that at some point in the future, another season of Blood Lad will be produced and aired. I’m looking forward to such a time that this happens, because I’m definitely very interested to see how the story of Blood Lad will continue from here.

Overall, I thought that this episode works very well as a season ender. While some questions have been answered, there are also enough loose ends and unanswered questions to help propel a second season of the series. Another notable thing about this episode is the fact that Staz’s otaku tendencies were references a bit more than it had for most of the episodes in the series. Outside of the first episode and the episode where Staz thinks he can battle someone with a Kamehameha, his otaku tendencies didn’t really appear that much. So as a viewer, it was kind of nice to see Staz’s otaku mindset appear again.

All 10 episodes I saw of Blood Lad were very enjoyable, and this is definitely a series I will want to add to my anime collection at such a point that the series is available as a home video release.

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One comment

  1. Ruki · September 9, 2013

    imho, the ending sucked big time. I’m looking forward to the next season, tho’. Maybe it will get better.
    I made a review of the series myself, if you’re interested. ^^

    Btw, you have a really nice bloggie here. Followed.

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