I’m going to be opening with a spoiler from the previous episode, because it’s crucial to what happens during Episode Nine:

At the end of the Episode Eight, Ginka fought against her Daemonia counterpart and was annihilated. I will admit that I really didn’t understand Ginka’s motivations for fighting against her Daemonia counterpart. It felt like it just kind of happened because the writers wanted it to happen, but they really couldn’t come up with a convincing reason for Ginka to sacrifice herself like that.

The early part of the episode focuses on how everyone at Sefiro Fiore is coping with this development. Akari finds herself questioning things, and Luna has locked herself in her room for three days. Luna’s butler arrives at Sefiro Fiore and asks to take Luna with him to her family’s villa so she can be around things she is familiar with and get herself back together. While Etia believes that while it’s not the best solution, she thinks it’s better than the current situation. When Luna heads out, she asks Akari if she would like to come with her. Akari declines, saying she wants to think about what she can do at Sefiro Fiore.

There’s a strong emphasis on Luna in this episode, and she has flashbacks concerning her older sister, Serena. It’s revealed that Serena mysteriously disappeared and there have been no clues as to her whereabouts. We also learn a bit more about Luna’s home situation and we also see flashbacks of Luna’s awakening and when she first began fighting at Sefiro Fiore.

One day, Luna sees Serena standing nearby, but Serena runs off. Luna chases after her and loses her. However, after hearing a voice, she looks up and sees Akari. Akari claims that Etia has given her some time off, and that she has come to spend time with Luna. But is everything what it seems? The episode ends with something rather dark and unexpected happening.

All I will say in regards to this is that I had my doubts about Akari actually being there, and sadly, my suspicions were confirmed at the end of the episode. I’m glad to finally get an episode where we learn Luna’s backstory, since at this point in the series, Luna was the only one who hadn’t had one yet. And just as the audience finally learns more about Luna, the ending of this episode happens. My thought when that event happened was, “Not so soon after Ginka’s annihilation! Why?”

This development has taken Day Break Illusion into an even darker direction, and I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 10 in order to find out how this new development will play out. I’m also curious to see how this development is going to affect Akari as a character.

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