Back in Episode Seven, Ai was kidnapped and taken to Goran Academy, which is a facility meant to quarantine children with special powers from the outside world. Once a child enters Goran Academy, they are not allowed to leave. Ai meets a young man named Alis Color. Unbeknownst to Ai, Alis is actually the man in the lion mask she had met back in Ortus. She also meets her classmates at the school, as well as a ghost named Dee Entzie Stratmitos. Ai learns that Alis is trying to coordinate an escape from Goran Academy.

Episode Eight begins with Ai and her classmates gathered in the clock tower. While talking about their plans, it comes out that Tanya is planning to stay at Goran Academy, while Meme and Mimi haven’t quite made up their minds yet. The three of them say they really have nowhere to go if they escape, due to their family situations. Later, Ai has a private conversation with Tanya, but she is unable to change Tanya’s mind.

Alis has cleared the obstacles, and Dee says they’ll be leaving at 3:00 a.m. At this point, Meme and Mimi say they’re willing to join in. Ai asks everyone to hold off for one more night and to give her one more chance to try to convince Tanya to escape with them. Unfortunately, Tanya refuses to talk to Ai again.

Ai finds Alis in the clock tower, and has a conversation with him about starting to become unsure of her dream. Alis shares that his dream is to save the world by destroying it, but Ai doesn’t understand this. Alis says that the time to tell her will come soon enough. The last bit of the episode focuses on the group’s escape attempt. However, I’m not going to say what happens, because I don’t want to provide “spoilers.”

To me, there were a couple of rather meaningful elements to this episode. The first is Ai’s uncertainty about her dream, especially after hearing why Tanya, Meme and Mimi felt like they had nowhere to go if they escape. Since Ai has only recently left her village, she really hadn’t been around many of the living to know that some people have some circumstances in their lives where their differences may not be accepted by others.

Even more important than that is Ai’s conversation with Alis in the clock tower. Alis explains the concepts of there being two worlds: one where the world can exist and go on even without observers, while the second is the one viewed by observers who see nothing more than how their brains translate it. Alis is basically trying to explain to Ai that there is the world as it actually is, and the world that is seen by each person that is shaped by their experiences.

Now, what I’m really curious about is what Alis means by saving the world by destroying it. It’s also clear that Ai is somehow important to his plans, and it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks he needs her for and whether or not she will actually help Alis.

Sunday Without God is a series that gets better and better as it goes along. After this episode, I’m very interested to see what direction the story will go in next. And knowing that the series is getting closer to the end, I’m interested in seeing how this story will end up playing out.

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