Episode Eight begins with a meeting at Sefiro Fiore, where Etia explains that the card user of The Lovers has been annihilated. It’s also explained that it has been recently discovered that the affinity between the Tarot cards, the Elemental Cards, and the Daemonia Cards is rather high, and the disappearance of The Lovers has confirmed a risk: the fact that it is possible to make both of their powers, as well as their existence, disappear. Then Etia makes a request of everyone that if they should encounter their Daemonia counterpart card, they should flee.

Some of the episode focuses on the girls and their thoughts concerning this revelation. During the episode, while Akari and Luna are talking, Luna is emphatic that she doesn’t want Akari to disappear.

In this episode, we learn that the shortish man we’ve seen handing out Daemonia cards is named Cerebrum, and that he can shapeshift into different people. During a scene where he’s talking with a politician he’s currently working with, Cerebrum says that he wants the child of The Sun.

The next time Akari and the others fight a Daemonia, Akari is unable to hear its voice; all she can hear is a noise. Seira says that since they can’t hear it, all they can do is eliminate it. Seira defeats it, and then a bright light appears; it’s a sun. Seira tries to shoot at the sun, but instead of causing damage to the sun, Ginka begins bleeding. Seira shoots something stronger at the sun, but all she does is cause blood to spurt from Ginka. The sun disappears, and it’s revealed that Ginka’s counterpart is inside. Ginka’s counterpart grabs for Akari, but Ginka finds the strength to shoot at her counterpart to free Akari. After Akari is free, they flee to Sefiro Fiore.

After Ginka reminisces on getting her card from her Great Aunt, she goes to visit her father to ask some questions. After her visit, she attracts the attention of her counterpart and begins a battle.

If you remember, I mentioned in the previous episode that the fortune telling that was done for the girls seemed rather foreboding. If the revelation about annihilation wasn’t foreboding enough, something happens at the end that only confirms my feeling of foreboding. Not only that, but this event makes Day Break Illusion an even darker anime than it had been previously.

I will admit that while I knew things were probably going to be getting darker after watching Episode Seven, I hadn’t anticipated what happened at the end of Episode Eight. When it hit me what had happened, I was like, “The writers did not just do this. They did not just do this.” Now that this event has happened, I’m very curious about what’s going to happen in the next episode of Day Break Illusion to see how the story will progress after this major plot development.

Day Break Illusion has become an anime that I have enjoyed watching this season. Even though events in the first episode clued me in that this series would be darker in tone, I never would have guessed just how dark it has gotten in recent episodes. But I think this tone works for the series, and makes it a compelling watch. And now I’m really looking forward to watching Episode Nine of the series.

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