Blood Lad: Episode 9 – “Sins of the Eyeglasses”

Blood Lad is an anime that features a powerful vampire named Staz who is the boss of his territory and doesn’t really like being a vampire. When a human girl named Fuyumi manages to wander into his territory and dies in the Demon World, her bare soul was left behind. Staz promises Fuyumi that he will find a way to bring her back to life. They are joined by Hydra-Bella, a girl who is a top-level spatial magic user who is looking for the person who stole her black curtain and cast it; it was this curtain that allowed Fuyumi to wander into the Demon World. In the third episode, an old friend of Staz’s named Wolf joins the cast, and he develops an interest in Fuyumi. Staz’s siblings, Braz and Liz, are now also part of the cast.

This episode sees Braz being taken by Beros to see Wolf-Daddy, the present king of Demon World Acropolis. As he’s brought there, the audience is introduced to a character named Goyle, the chief of police for Demon World Acropolis. When Braz meets with Wolf-Daddy, we learn that it was Wolf-Daddy who killed the previous king (who was Braz, Staz, and Liz’s father). This conversation also reveals something in regards to Akim Palpadon. Braz declares war against Wolf-Daddy. Instead of punishing him right away, Wolf-Daddy says that Braz three days to present the person who Braz believes should have the throne instead of Wolf-Daddy, since it appears Braz doesn’t want the throne for himself.

After Braz tricks Beros and puts her to sleep, he gets out of the choker curse and flees. Goyle discovers that Braz has escaped and is in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, Hydra-Bella brings Staz to her mother’s home, where they find Fuyumi and Hydra-Knell. Hydra-Bella says they’re pretending to be a couple so her parents don’t suspect anything. Fuyumi is then summoned by Neyn, the mother of Hydra-Bella and Hydra-Knell. When they meet, Neyn acts like she recognizes Fuyumi and even gives her a hug. After Hydra-Bella and the others join them, a very important fact is revealed, which adds a whole new dimension to the characters of Fuyumi and Hydra-Bella. I’m not going to say what it is, though, in order to avoid providing a “spoiler.”

The Fuyumi storyline definitely became a lot more interesting by the revelation that is made during this episode. As this revelation sinks in for me, it makes me think I may have figured out some things that happened earlier in the series. This revelation is a major game changer, and it will be interesting to see how it affects Fuyumi and the decisions she makes.

Braz’s privileged magic is also revealed in this episode, and it’s just enough of a threat to get Goyle to back down and talk to Braz more calmly. From what Braz says, it looks like this has the potential to be able to do some serious damage, even if he’s nowhere near the target.

According to the preview, the next episode is the last one; however, I don’t see how everything could be wrapped up in one more episode. If it turns out the story isn’t resolved in episode 10, then I hope another season of Blood Lad will be produced. I’m not going to go into too much depth on this yet, since there’s still one more episode to go before I know how this end.

Knowing that the next episode is the last for Blood Lad, I’m very curious to see how this will play out.

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