Roughly the first half of Episode Nine focuses on Megumi. She realizes that she’s been out of it, and wonders if she’s doing too much between making cosplay clothes, making clothes for Toko, and helping Lucy with her outfit for her upcoming date with Yutaka. Megumi is also starting to examine her relationship with Taishi a little bit. This section of the episode also provides a flashback of how Megumi and Taishi’s relationship started. I really liked getting this little bit of backstory, because it not only shows us how their relationship started, but it also lets the viewer see what Megumi was like before she was introduced at the beginning of the series.

After work, Megumi takes Lucy to the store to try to find a skirt. No matter what style Megumi puts forward, Lucy finds something to object about it. After Megumi has a talk with Lucy, Lucy decides she’ll do her best to get ready for this date with Yutaka. In the end, Lucy found a style she liked, but it doesn’t match her chest size. Megumi will make her one instead.

From here, we transition to the other section of the episode. Yutaka’s sister Kaoru finds Lucy at the office and also meets Saya. She invites the two of them to have dinner with her. Lo and behold, they go to the same restaurant that was patronized twice in Episode Eight! This is either a popular restaurant with these characters, or the animators keep using the same restaurant in order to keep costs down for set design.

During the dinner, Kaoru talks about Yutaka and Tanaka. We get to see various flashbacks of Yutaka and Tanaka, and times when Tanaka would come to Kaoru to talk about Yutaka. Some of the flashbacks were on the amusing side. Only one flashback from a previous episode appeared here, and that was the basketball flashback in Episode Eight. After the flashback ends, Kaoru says she wants Tanaka to stop stalking her brother, and in fact says he really needs to stop doing that if he doesn’t want to regret anything else. At the end of the scene, Kaoru adds that as Yutaka’s older sister, she would like to see the two of them get along.

At work the next day, Saya approaches Yutaka and talks to him about dinner the previous evening. As she’s trying to tell him something, Toko arrives yelling for Saya and a phone rings. These noises cover up someone else’s name, which causes Yutaka to have a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding plagues Yutaka for most of the remaining time of the episode. However, right at the end of the episode, Yutaka says something to Lucy that takes her by surprise.

This episode ends up becoming a major turning point for Yutaka as a character, and as a fan of the Yutaka and Lucy pairing, I will say that this is a good change for him. The misunderstanding he has is rather hilarious, but I think I know what the ultimate answer to this is. If I’m right, I’m sure the actual truth will be worse for Yutaka than what he thought it was!

And it was also nice to see a little more of Megumi and Taishi’s relationship. I still suspect that Toko will end up learning the truth about them before the end of the series, and it’ll be interesting to see how that will play out at such a time that it happens.

Servant x Service continues to be a show that I enjoy watching. More recent episodes have added some very interesting elements and dynamics, and all of them finally seem to be coming together into one big story. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 10 to find out what happens to this group of characters next.

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