This entire episode focuses on Lucy and Yutaka, and the plot point about Lucy being upset about her name is finally brought back into the series after being all but absent for several episodes. Lucy and Yutaka end up having dinner out as co-workers, and Lucy comments that she can’t see anyone professing their love for her, due to how long her name is. Meanwhile, Tanaka runs into Megumi as she leaves work for the day, and Tanaka finds out that Yutaka is having dinner with the co-worker he saw Yutaka hitting on in a previous episode.

After work the next day, Lucy sees Tanaka standing outside the building. Tanaka says he’s there to see her and says he’d like to talk with her somewhere. When she tries to decline, Tanaka says it’ll be his treat and drags her off. Saya steps out of the building in time to see this happen.

Tanaka and Lucy end up at the same restaurant that Lucy and Yutaka had been in the night before. We come to find out that yes, Tanaka is unhappy about always losing to Yutaka. However, he also elaborates that he feels guilty for something that happened back in high school. While it turns out that it is a little more than simply not wanting to lose to Yutaka all the time, I didn’t think this explanation for Tanaka’s behavior is quite as strong as it could have been.

Tanaka asks Lucy to go out with him, because he believes that if he steals the woman that Yutaka is hitting on that he can beat him. Before this can go any further, Yutaka barges in and punches Tanaka on the head. After seeing Tanaka drag Lucy off, Saya followed the two of them and called Yutaka. Yutaka also delivers a message from Saya to Tanaka, and she makes it clear that she’s not happy with Tanaka.

When Yutaka escorts Lucy home, they have a heart-to-heart, and by the end of the conversation, Yutaka is embarrassed and admits that he’ll end up liking Lucy so much, it won’t even be funny. The next day at work, Yutaka isn’t acting normally and Taishi notices. At lunch, Lucy mentions she would like to repay Yutaka for the couple of times he’s come to her rescue, and he says he wants to take Lucy out on a date on a day when they’re not working. Lucy claims she won’t be available for a couple of months, and he says he can wait. However, he wants Lucy to wear a skirt for the date. When she objects, he says he’ll pick out a skirt for her to either wear to work or on a date. Megumi steps in and claims that what Yutaka is doing is sexual harassment, but Yutaka says he’s leaving Lucy’s outfit for the date up to Megumi. Megumi’s been wanting to dress Lucy up, so this reels her in. At the end of the episode, a date for Lucy and Yutaka is finally arranged.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the second half of the episode much more than the first half. The plot with Tanaka was kind of necessary in order to give Yutaka the final push to ask Lucy out on a date, but like I said earlier, I don’t think that particular subplot was quite as strong as it could have been. I’m hoping this is the last we see of Tanaka’s grandson, because this character has really come to annoy me. Saya seems to hate him now, too, especially after referring to him as a “lowlife bastard.” Yep, I think it’s safe to say that any chance he might have had with Saya is basically gone.

I mentioned in an earlier piece that I’ve been rooting for Lucy and Yutaka to become a couple, so when the date was arranged, I wanted to shout, “Finally!” However, I have this sneaking suspicion that Lucy’s subplot about hating her name and wanting to get revenge on the civil servant who approved it will tie in with this. My theory is that the employee responsible was Yutaka’s father, and if this is true, a line of Lucy’s in this episode could be hilarious. Yutaka asks what she might do as part of her revenge, and Lucy says that maybe she would have them give their grandchild a name similar to hers. If my theory is right, and Yutaka and Lucy were to get together, she could potentially follow through on that… heh.

Now that Lucy and Yutaka are supposed to be going on a date here at some point, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Servant x Service in order to see how this part of the story plays out.

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