Sentai Filmworks has announced that the company has acquired the license for the Magical Play web anime series. The company says it will be releasing the series on DVD with both English and Japanese audio tracks on December 3, 2013 for US$29.98.

The story follows Padudu, a girl trying to become a renowned magical warrior. Armed with nothing but her untested magic and a fish she uses for both clothing and food, she sets out on her quest. Traveling with her companions Pipin, Myumyu, and the mysterious Nonononn, Padudu competes with the others to collect flower marks to achieve her goal and become famous while avoiding the forces of evil Queen Purilun.

Magical Play was streamed online in 2001, and episodes are currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll (subtitled only), Hulu (dubbed only), and The Anime Network (dubbed only).

Source: ANN