At the beginning of Episode Seven, Julie talks to Ai about going to school as they travel in the van. He explains that since children are no longer being born, all of the elementary schools have closed, they’re losing the last of the middle schools, and in three years the high schools will be closing. Julie says that if she doesn’t go to school soon, she’ll lose her chance to go.

Julie stops the van in order to use a payphone to call an acquaintance about getting Ai into school. As he steps into the phone booth, a black car drives up, and two men kidnap Ai from the van. The car speeds off before Julie can even react. An old woman nearby believes the car is from Goran Academy. Julie gets into the van and drives off in a hurry. This is the last we see of Julie and Scar in this episode, but I’m hoping we’ll see these characters again before the series ends.

Ai finds herself at Goran Academy, which turns out to be a facility meant to quarantine children with special powers from the outside world. Once a child enters Goran Academy, they are not allowed to leave.

While at Goran Academy, Ai meets a young man named Alis Color, a recent transfer student to the school. Unbeknownst to Ai, Alis is actually the man in the lion mask she had met back in Ortus. Ai meets some other kids at Goran Academy, as well as a ghost named Dee Entzie Stratmitos. It’s revealed during the episode that Alis and Dee have been following Ai since Ortus, and that Dee believes that the three of them were destined to meet.

Alis, along with a couple of the boys at the academy, have been working at trying to escape. The girls learn of their plan, and it appears that by the end of the episode, they may be considering joining in with the escape plan.

Personally, I like the idea of this story arc. Even though there may not be a lot that happens to progress the arc in this episode, I suspect that the pace for the arc will pick up with Episode Eight. There definitely seems to be a lot more to Alis than he’s letting on, and I hope the next couple of episodes will clue the audience in on what he may be hiding.

My one disappointment, though, is the fact that Julie and Scar just seem to disappear from the story at this point. The last thing we saw of them was Julie getting into the van to try to go after Ai. I really do hope that Ai can be reunited with these two characters, because they did seem to become a sort of family during their travels together. And with the new character that was introduced to the party at the end of Episode Six, I thought there could have been some interesting potential seeing how they would accommodate and travel with this character. Oh well.

Sunday Without God continues to be an enjoyable viewing experience, and I’m glad I stuck it out past the first couple of episodes.

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