Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3: Episode 8 – “Should a Commander Be Hard of Heart?”

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 is an anime series set at Stella Women’s Academy, and focuses on a new student named Yura Yamato. Yura is a new freshman at the school, and she’s a timid girl with a rather vivid imagination. Yura ends up joining the C3-Bu Club, which is a club at the school that plays “survival games” with air guns.

Episode eight focuses exclusively on the 24-hour survival tournament. The first flag drop takes place, and immediately the Stella Women’s Academy team is up against the team that includes Karila’s brother. After a short battle using one of Yura’s formations, the Stella team advances to the second round. The next few rounds are shown as part of montage sequence, and the Stella team continues to advance.

The Stella team watches footage of them that’s being accompanied by a voice-over proclaiming their team to be one to watch. However, as they’re watching, Yura spends time criticizing everything she sees wrong in their formation and tactics in the footage. Instead of being happy and grateful to the other club members for how they’re progressing, Yura is criticizing rather heavily; it’s also very obvious that Yura is more focused on winning than on anything else. This isn’t sitting well with Yachiyo.

After another brief montage, it’s down to the final round of the tournament, which pits Meisei Academy against Stella Women’s Academy. This is the climactic part of the episode, and it’s interesting to watch what happens during it. Although something takes place near the end of the round that makes me think there could be repercussions in the next episode.

I have to say that during this series, Yura has gone through quite a change as a character. She starts out as the very shy and quiet type, and then progresses to having more self-confidence. Unfortunately, she doesn’t stop there, and ends up becoming so focused and obsessed on winning that she’s almost overbearing and abrasive. There’s a scene where the other club members talk about Yura while she’s gone, and there’s obviously some cracks of division starting to form between Yura and some of the other members.

I was actually surprised to see the 24-hour tournament resolved in one episode. I believe there’s four episodes left, and I’m thinking these will be used to cover any fallout from the events that took place during the 24-hour tournament. I’m also hoping there will be some kind of redemption for Yura in these last few episodes and that she sees how overboard she has been about the survival games recently. And it should also be noted that Yura’s overactive imagination was never utilized at any point during this episode; this makes me wonder if this could be an important detail or not.

I’ll definitely be watching the next episode of Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 in order to find out what direction the series goes in next.

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