At the beginning of Episode Seven, Etia learns that the user of The Lovers tarot card has disappeared. While this is being investigated, Akari and the other three newer members of Sefiro Fiore are told to take a break.

Akari, Luna, Ginka, and Seira go out on the town for the day. While they’re out, there are several scenes where Luna looks sad when she sees Akari and Seira interacting with each other. All this started at the end of Episode Six, when Luna saw the heart-to-heart between Akari and Seira. Luna also mentions to Akari that she has an older twin sister. It doesn’t seem to be entirely clear yet, but I have a feeling that both Luna’s feelings and her older twin sister are going to become important later in the series.

While they’re out, Akari runs into the owner of the fortune telling shop that she used to work at, and there’s a reunion for Akari and the other staff members. After their house burned down, they were able to rent a new location in a nice area and have good business. During the reunion, the girls are given a tarot card reading. There’s a combination of cards that tell about the girls’ future that can have an ominous and foreboding reading to it. The fortune tellers are worried by what they saw in the reading, but they don’t say anything to the girls.

By the time I reached this point in the episode, I was definitely getting a sense of foreboding, and the commentary by the fortune tellers that they have amongst themselves only adds to that sense of foreboding. When the girls return to Sefiro Fiore at the end of the episode, they are told they need to gather in the meeting room, because they need to discuss a matter that has to do with all of their futures. Between that very last scene of the episode and the tarot reading, I really had a terrible sense of foreboding and I wanted to watch Episode Eight in order to find out whether this sense of foreboding is justified or not.

At this point, this series could go in a number of directions, several of them being rather dark directions. Until I know what’s going on, my imagination is probably going to run wild thinking of various scenarios.

I swear, this series keeps getting better and better with each episode! I will admit that when I saw that this episode was titled, “A Lovely Holiday,” I assumed it was going to be a light-hearted episode. While there were several light-hearted scenes within this episode, there were also important ideas and elements presented that should be important in later episodes. I will definitely be watching more of Day Break Illusion in order to find out what happens to these characters.

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