In Episode Four, Ai, Julie, and Scar met a young man named Kiriko, an apprentice at the government office in Ortus. It turns out Ortus is a land of Deceased, and that they kill any gravekeepers that come in and try to bury them. While they are in Ortus, Scar hears a voice calling out to her and falls ill. During Episode Five, Ai learns that Kiriko is actually a Deceased, and she also gets to meet Ulla, the princess of Ortus. The two girls become friends.

At the end of Episode Five, which is seen again at the beginning of this episode, Ai learns that Ulla is actually the Koroshiohake, who performs the Admissing of the Living Ceremony. In order to move into Ortus, anyone who is of the living must be killed by being looked at by the Koroshiohake. At the same time, she runs into the man with the lion mask again, and hears some of his backstory.

Through her own experiences, Ai is able to deduce what is really going on with Ulla, and is determined to tell Ulla the truth. Kiriko tries to stop Ai, but Ai is determined to do this, even if it means destroying her friendship with Ulla. What happens when Ai tells the truth is Ulla is a little on the surprising side.

At the end of this episode, the audience also finds out the cause of Scar’s illness. The answer to this was also rather unexpected and interesting, and it ends up adding a new element and layer to this already interesting and fascinating series.

Just as I thought Sunday Without God couldn’t get any more interesting, Episode Six adds some intriguing elements to the series. There were also a couple of scenes in Episode Six that really made me stop and think.

Episode Six definitely brought this particular story arc to an end, and the preview shows that Episode Seven will begin a new story arc. So far, the first two story arcs lasted for three episodes, and this is making me think this series will be made up of three episode story arcs. So far, the three episodes for each arc have been just right for telling those particular arcs.

So far, I’ve been very impressed with Sunday Without God, and I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Seven in order to find out what happens to Ai and the others next.

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