Episode Eight sees Liz trying to return to Demon World Acropolis after Fuyumi’s disappearance. At first, the guards won’t let her return. However, a new character named Beros intervenes and says she will escort Liz back to her castle. It’s revealed that Beros is with the Acropolis Police, and she needs to go to the castle in order to arrest Braz for coming and going from Demon World Acropolis as he pleases. At the castle, Beros places a curse that manifests itself in the form of a choker, which follows him wherever he goes and it forbids him from using magic. Braz leaves with Beros, and this is the last we see of Braz in this episode.

Meanwhile, Staz encounters someone in the area where he has gone to locate Fuyumi. Staz shows the guy a picture of the kidnapper on his cell phone. The guy doesn’t recognize the picture, but takes Staz to see his boss, because his boss might know. It turns out the boss does recognize the suspect, but doesn’t know where he is currently. However, he has a business card for the suspect, and it reveals an interesting piece of information.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper is eating ramen at a shop, and we learn that Fuyumi is being kept in a Grid Room. When the kidnapper tries to give Fuyumi some ramen through his spatial magic, the owner of the shop complains that he wants his bowl back. The kidnapper tries to get the bowl back, but Fuyumi grabs for it. After some tug of war, the kidnapper produces both the bowl and Fuyumi. Fuyumi rings a bell that Hydra-Bella gave her before the kidnapper can return her to the Grid Room. This action allows both Hydra-Bella and Liz to sense where Fuyumi is.

Hydra-Bella reaches them first, and the audience discovers the kidnapper is Hydra-Knell; he is Hydra-Bella’s brother. It turns out their mother has been trying to contact Hydra-Bella and hasn’t been able to reach her, so Hydra-Knell was sent to kidnap Fuyumi in order to get her attention. Staz arrives and sees the two of them together. Hydra-Bella sends her brother away with Fuyumi and traps Staz into her Grid Room. The rest of the episode focuses on the fight that Staz and Hydra-Bella have in the Grid Room.

It was interesting to learn that Fuyumi’s kidnapper was Hydra-Bella’s brother. It wasn’t until Hydra-Bella used her spatial magic after hearing the bell that I had any inkling that there was any connection between Hydra-Bella and the kidnapper.

The portion of the story that takes place in Hydra-Bella’s Grid Room was a pivotal point in the series. While the audience has suspected that Hydra-Bella had feelings for Staz, I hadn’t quite realized just how jealous Hydra-Bella was of Staz’s feelings for Fuyumi until reaching this point in the episode. Unfortunately, Staz is rather clueless about Hydra-Bella’s feelings and doesn’t pick up on what’s going on. This section really helps to propel this element of the series more to the forefront, and I’m interested to see how Hydra-Bella acts in the series going forward.

From the preview for Episode Nine, it appears we’ll be seeing more of Braz and finding out what’s happening to him, as well as what will be going on with Fuyumi.

Blood Lad continues to be a series I look forward to watching every week. It really helps that the end of each episode makes the viewer anticipate the next episode to find out how the plot will progress.

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