This episode opens with Seira fighting alongside Meltina and Priscilla. Afterward, Seira says she wanted to help them so she could learn various ways of fighting. Seira adds that she doesn’t think of herself as being part of a team, and that she’s just doing her job. When she’s asked about Akari hearing the Daemonia, Seira says there’s no point to it and it gets in the way of fighting. She also adds that she can’t feel sorry for the people who were turned into Daemonia.

One day, Seira and Ginka run into two girls named Minori and Hanae, who are friends. After Ginka helps the girls find a set of star barrettes, all four of them spend some time together and get to know each other. After Minori accidentally puts her phone into Seira’s bag, Seira meets up with Minori and Hanae again in order to return the phone. While they’re together, Minori faints and Hanae calls out for someone to call an ambulance.

At the hospital, Seira learns from Hanae that Minori has had heart problems ever since she was born. The doctors want to do an operation, but they’ve been having to wait for years to get it done. When Hanae asks Seira what she can do to help Minori, Seira tells her to just do what she can.

This episode then delves into Seira’s backstory and to why she hates the Daemonia so much. It turns out that I was right about the girl who appeared in Seira’s brief flashback in Episode Four, because this girl is connected to Seira’s hatred of them. I won’t say how this plays out, but I will say that the girl in question was Seira’s best friend when she was younger.

After Hanae’s next visit with Minori at the hospital, Hanae is approached by someone who is affiliated with the Daemonia. As usual, this person manages to talk Hanae into taking a card, saying it will help her.

I think you can probably guess where this will lead if you’ve been following this series. All I will say is that the battle in the climax of this episode is a major game changer for Seira.

So far, this has probably been my favorite episode of Day Break Illusion. As a viewer, I finally felt I was getting a “payoff” with getting Seira’s backstory. She’s obviously been a more complex character, but she really didn’t have a lot of backstory revealed prior to this to explain the complexity of her character. Now that I understand Seira a lot better, I’ve come to like her better as a character.

And now that I’ve made it about halfway through Day Break Illusion, I’m very curious to see how the series will progress past this point. After watching the first episode of this series, I never would have guessed how much it was going to improve as it went on. Day Break Illusion has become an anime series that I look forward to watching, and I can’t wait to see where the series will progress over the next few episodes.

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