This episode begins with Ginka’s father coming to visit her at Sefiro Fiore. It turns out that he is the president of a discount store chain called Sancho Panza, and is also making generous monthly donations to Sefiro Fiore. The viewer learns that Ginka’s father knows the truth about Sefiro Fiore, and that Ginka’s powers come from her father’s aunt.

Ginka’s father invites Ginka, Akari, Luna, and Seira to a party, and they all attend. While at the party, Ginka and her father learn that family friend Honda-san is going bankrupt and has been borrowing money from dangerous money lending companies. The audience sees Honda being intimidated by some members of one of these companies.

Later, it’s shown that Honda is about to commit suicide when he is approached by someone affiliated with the group that’s turning people in Daemonia. This person says they know about Honda’s financial troubles and gives Honda a card that they say will grant his wish.

Ginka gets a call from her father, saying that Honda’s business has recovered, and that his debts just seemed to disappear. He says he’ll be drinking with Honda that night to celebrate. Ginka does a tarot reading for him, and she tells her father the reading says there’ll be trouble today, and that he needs to put his customers first.

During a cooking lesson at Sefiro Fiore, Akari is informed that after doing an examination on her, it was discovered that she is able to make more manifest when she changes her form than many of the others at Sefiro Fiore, and that when anyone touches her, her thoughts are transferred and they can hear voices. When I first saw this part of the episode, I was thinking that it was nice to finally get some explanation about Akari’s abilities, but it felt like it kind of came out of nowhere. I will say, without truly providing a “spoiler,” that this piece of information becomes important during the climax of the episode.

That night, before Ginka’s father heads out to see Honda, he is told that there’s an unhappy customer. Ginka’s father decides to go visit the disgruntled customer before seeing Honda. After meeting with the customer, Ginka’s father starts to head toward meeting up with Honda, but Honda finds him first. At this point, Honda has been possessed by the Daemonia, and this leads to the climax of the episode.

I was glad to see this episode focus on Ginka. Prior to Episode Five, there had been very little in the way of character development for her. I hadn’t really connected much with her as a character prior to this point. She just felt like she fell into a stereotype and was just kind of “there.” Now seeing the backstory that’s presented in this episode, I can better understand why Ginka acts the way she does. And by the end of this episode, Ginka goes through some growth as a character as well.

This episode also touches briefly on Akari. The audience finds out she hasn’t had her father in her life, and that she doesn’t know who he is. During a flashback, we learn that Akari asked her mother about this once, and her mom looked rather sad. I’m hoping more comes out about Akari’s father, because it feels like the audience is being teased for some kind of a reveal. Otherwise, why would that have even been touched on during this episode?

I was interested in what was happening during this episode from beginning to end, and it’s only added to my interest in this series. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode of Day Break Illusion in order to see what happens next.

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