Brothers Conflict: Episode 7 – “Seventh Conflict: Breaking Point”

Brothers Conflict is a series about a high school girl named Ema who moves in with her new stepbrothers; she has a total of 13 stepbrothers, and the majority of them live in the condo that Ema moves into. The series focuses on Ema adjusting to having these new stepbrothers and with the feelings that some of the brothers seem to be developing for Ema.

The episode opens with Ema, Wataru, Masaomi, Yusuke, and Kaname watching Futo in a commercial for a resort. Wataru whines that he wants to go to that resort, and at first, Kaname uses this as a way to flirt with Ema. However, Masaomi suggests that all of the siblings should go together.

The next day, Yusuke and Ema walk to school together and talk about the trip. When Yusuke asks if Ema has a passport, she says she doesn’t; Yusuke says that Ukyo can help her with that. As Ema walks away, Yusuke is checking out her backside; his thoughts are interrupted by Futo, who calls out about Yusuke having pervy thoughts. Yusuke grabs Futo, and it looks like a fight is about to happen; however, some girls notice Futo and they come over. Futo puts on an act about his brother helping him with a button and looking up to his big brother.

When Ema and Yusuke are in class, they learn that their final cultural festival is coming up. After some discussion, the class decides to have a butler café. I should have expected a cultural festival to eventually pop up, since some of the characters in this series are high school students. The next day at school, Ema and Yusuke are taking supplies for the café to their classroom, and Yusuke slips. Fortunately, Ema is able to help him, and the two laugh about what happened. Then, we see Futo hiding around a nearby corner watching what’s going on.

When Ema gets home she sees Azusa, and as they talk; he keeps grabbing at his head, and Ema asks if he’s all right. Azusa shrugs it off, and heads on his way. When Ema gets inside the condo, it turns out she had a long day at school getting ready for the cultural festival. She suddenly falls asleep on the couch, and Juli tries to rouse her. Suddenly, a noise is heard and everything goes dark.

Next, Ema wakes up and finds Yusuke hovering over her. He says he hadn’t been there long, and that he had put a blanket on her so she wouldn’t catch cold. Futo comes in and claims that Yusuke is lying, and this causes the two brothers to begin arguing. Tsubaki comes in and tells the two of them to take it outside. After Futo leaves, there’s a shot of a bag that’s been tied shut that’s moving; suddenly, Juli pops out and asks where the pervy pop star is. After this scene with Juli, I knew that Futo was trying to make Yusuke look bad.

The next morning, Ema is eating breakfast. Azusa comes downstairs, but he’s not looking well. Azusa collapses just as Hikaru enters. Hikaru asks Ema how long he’s been like this, because Azusa is sweaty and running a fever. Hikaru tells Azusa to stay home and rest, but Azusa refuses at first, because there’s a recording session for the anime he’s working on. However, after some convincing, Azusa relents.

Ema ends up being a little late to school, and learns at the last minute that the butler café has now become a butler and maid café, and she has to put on a maid costume. Ema is sent out in her costume to hand out flyers to promote the café. Futo, dressed as a vampire, waits around a corner again and approaches her. This scene sees Futo grabbing Ema and taking her into a dark room. He tells Ema that what he’s doing is all her fault, because she’s flitting around with the brothers and leading them on. As soon as he said that, I was like, “Oh my god, he’s using the rapist mentality to justify his actions!”

Futo manages to take a bite of Ema’s neck with his fangs, but before he can go any further, she yells for him to stop and kicks him. Futo’s response to this? “You’ve gotten way more interesting than before. But that makes the conquest all the more enjoyable. I’ll make you mine for real next time.” Umm… wow. So much for thinking he was all talk and no action! Futo is such a creeper!

When Ema gets home, Tsubaki is sitting on the couch. He notices the bite mark on her neck and demands to know who gave her the hickey. Before he can get too far, Azusa intervenes. But something kind of puzzling happens here. Tsubaki asks if Azusa is acting this way because he likes Ema, too. Wait, wait… in episode six, didn’t Tsubaki seem to imply that he already had a feeling that Azusa liked Ema? All I can figure is that this dialogue was said in the heat of the moment. The episode ends with Azusa collapsing during this confrontation.

And I thought this show couldn’t get any more disturbing. I mean, Futo, just… wow. With this character’s scenes, one could probably put together an AMV for Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing,” since this song so matches the attitude he displays during the cultural festival.

Since I’m so far into the series, I will continue seeing it through to the end. However, I’m hoping it doesn’t get any more disturbing than it’s gotten.

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