Sunday Without God: Episode 5 – “Ortus II”

Sunday Without God is an anime series that is set in a fictional world where 15 years prior to the start of the story, people stopped giving birth, and the dead cannot find rest unless they are buried by individuals known as “gravekeepers.” The story goes that God abandoned the world on a Sunday, and this is why these things have happened.

The main character is a girl named Ai Astin. Her mother was a gravekeeper, and she died when Ai was seven years old. At that point, Ai ended up having to take on the gravekeeper responsibility. One day, a man named Hampnie Hambart comes to her village and kills everyone except for her, since she was out doing her duty as a gravekeeper and digging graves for everyone in the village. At the end of the third episode, it’s confirmed that Hampnie was Ai’s long-lost father, but he ends up dying and Ai decides to go on a journey to save the world.

In episode four, Ai, Julie, and Scar met a young man named Kiriko, an apprentice at the government office in Ortus. It turns out Ortus is a land of Deceased, and that they kill any gravekeepers that come in and try to bury them. While they are in Ortus, Scar hears a voice calling out to her and falls ill.

At the beginning of episode five, Ai has a talk with Kiriko and learns that he is a Deceased who is made up of parts from five different people; this happened because these people had gone to a witch and expressed their wish to have a child. It turns out the people he was made from can combine with each other, and that we had met one of them in episode four. Kiriko also tells Ai that he knows a doctor who can look at Scar, and that this doctor doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

I definitely had not anticipated Kiriko’s backstory, so this caught me off-guard at first. However, with the premise of the series being what it is, this backstory makes perfect sense and adds an interesting layer to an already interesting story.

The next day, Kiriko brings the doctor, who is a combination of two of the people that Kiriko was made from. The doctor can only come up with one diagnosis, but she doesn’t like it: Imaginary pregnancy. This is caused when a woman isn’t actually pregnant, she suffers from a set of symptoms where the body reacts as if she were; it manifests when a woman desperately yearns to have a child. When Scar tries to object, the doctor says she understands that Scar hasn’t wanted a child; the doctor also says she thinks the voice that Scar hears may be involved.

After the checkup, the doctor invites Ai to meet Ulla, the princess of Ortus. Kiriko escorts her to the meeting, and Ulla and Ai become friends. Unfortunately, an event that takes place right at the end of the episode will put this new friendship to the test.

This episode had a lot of unexpected surprises in it, and this made for enjoyable viewing. By the end of the episode, I found myself feeling rather sorry for Ai due to how confused she was starting to feel about why she set out on her journey in the first place. One of the most fascinating parts of this episode is Scar’s illness; just enough is revealed to let the viewer in on what could be going on, but there are still unanswered questions that the viewer wants to get answers to. I’m hoping episode six will provide those answers.

Sunday Without God is a series that seems to get better and better with each episode, and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what will happen in episode six.

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