Servant x Service: Episode 6 – “Examine Unexpected Problems and Hide-and-Seek”

Servant x Service is an anime series set in a government office building in Japan, and most of the main characters are new employees in the Welfare Department. Lucy Yamagani takes her job seriously, Yutaka Hasebe is a slacker, Saya Miyoshi is a nervous person, Megumi Chihaya is the temp worker who likes to cosplay and create doujinshi, Taishi Ichimiya is a first time supervisor who really doesn’t know how to lead others well, Toko Ichimiya is Taishi’s little sister who drops by the Welfare Department rather regularly and causes problems for Taishi and the others, and Kenzo Momoi is a stuffed rabbit who can walk and talk and serves as the section manager for the Welfare Department.

The first half of episode six puts a major focus on the section manager and allows the viewer to finally get to know him a little better. After making a comment in my writeup of episode five that he felt like a “throwaway character,” this was a nice thing to see. This portion of the episode sees Kenzo feeling like there’s a wall between him and the newcomers in the office, and trying to figure out how to interact with everyone. During this section of the episode, an interesting fact about Kenzo is revealed, and this ultimately introduces a new character into the series.

During the second half of the episode, Saya gets very tired of basically spending her day listening to people. As she begins contemplating the possibility of quitting her job, she gets an unexpected proposal from Tanaka, the old woman who is constantly talking with her: Tanaka wants Saya to marry her grandson. Unfortunately, this proposal makes things worse for Saya than they already are. Saya spends some time talking with Lucy, Megumi, and Yutaka about her situation.

Overall, this was a pretty decent episode of Servant x Service. Both of these stories ended up accomplishing a couple of important things. The first story allowed for some character development for Kenzo, since he was a character who was introduced a bit later in the series and remained a background character after his introduction. While his existence still lowers the realism level of the series, it’s nice to finally know him a little better as a character.

The second story allowed the series to have a story that focuses on Saya. Previous episodes had stories featuring Lucy, Yutaka, Megumi, Taishi, and Toko. While Saya is a main character, she just wasn’t getting the screen time and the story time of most of the other characters in the series. Also, Saya’s story provided the viewer a glimpse into her backstory, and this helped me to better understand her as a character.

I’m still enjoying Servant x Service, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to these characters in episode seven.

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