Episode Seven begins with Staz, Braz, and Liz arriving at Frankenstein’s place, so Braz can meet Fuyumi. After Braz takes a sample of Fuyumi’s magic, he says that he needs to head home to work on the resurrection. However, he also says that Liz wants to stay and asks Staz to show her around. Later in the episode, it’s revealed in a flashback that Braz ordered Liz to stay in order to keep an eye on Staz to make sure that he doesn’t interfere.

During the episode, we get to see Liz interacting with Staz and Fuyumi. Liz ends up having fun, and she develops a bond with Fuyumi. The next morning, Fuyumi is missing and a note that’s supposedly from Fuyumi is found on her pillow. Of course, Staz doesn’t believe that Fuyumi left of her own volition, and that she was abducted. Staz sends his cronies out to investigate. After one of his cronies receives a tip, and the episode ends with Staz heading in the direction that they think the abductor is heading in.

To me, the best thing about this episode is how much it focuses on the character of Liz. The episode allows the viewer to learn that there’s more to Liz than the one-dimensional character that she appeared to be when she was first introduced in the series. It was also nice to see a bond form between Liz and Fuyumi, and I think the bond between these two characters could end up being important later in the series. It’ll be interesting to see if I’m right about this or not.

At this point, Blood Lad is still an enjoyable series, and it’s one I look forward to watching each week. I can’t wait to see Episode Eight and I’m hoping to learn what has happened to Fuyumi.

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