His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0 is a soundtrack CD for the His and Her Circumstances anime series. There are a total of 24 tracks on the CD.

His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0
Publisher: Geneon
Release Date: January 20, 2004

The disc opens with “AVAN Title,” which is the 10 second piece of music that plays while the disclaimers before the opening credits is on the screen. Next is the full version of “An Angel’s Promise,” which is the opening theme for the His and Her Circumstances anime series. I liked being able to hear the full version of the song, since prior to listening to this CD, I had only heard the version that appeared in the opening credits. It’s a very catchy and enjoyable song, whether it’s the television version or the full version.

“A Summary of the Story Until Now (Shotarou’s March)” is the music that plays in the background while a recap is given at the beginning of an episode. It’s a very catchy and memorable piece from the series. “Yukino Miyazawa I (Concerto)” is one of several themes composed for Yukino during the series. I think this one would have appeared when Yukino was first introduced in Episode One.

“Yukino Miyazawa II (March)” is a theme for Yukino that was done as a march. “Everyday Peace” is a very memorable piece from the series, and tended to play in the background when everything would seem to be peaceful to Yukino. “Peace and Quiet” is another memorable piece from the series, and was another piece that you would hear when everything seemed to be rather normal and without drama.

“Work Hard Together” is another piece that I recognize from the series, although I can’t entirely place what scenes I heard it in as I’m writing this piece; however, I do recognize it. “Peace Reigns in the Land” is another very memorable piece from the series, and it tended to be used in scenes similar to the ones that would use “Everyday Peace” and “Peace and Quiet.”

“We Meet Only to Part” is a piece that I really don’t recognize as I’m listening to it. I guess this particular piece just wasn’t as memorable to me as many of the others on this disc. “Souichiro Arima II” is a theme for Arima, and it does sound a little familiar. Unfortunately, I don’t recognize it as easily as I do the themes for Yukino that I heard earlier on the disc. “Souichiro Arima I” is also kind of recognizable, and it sounds kind of similar to “Souichiro Arima II.”

“Into a Dream II” is an instrumental version of the ending theme song that is piano-based, and is sometimes heard as background music in the series. “The Miyazawa Family” is a very recognizable piece as well, and it tended to be heard whenever a scene takes place at the Miyazawa’s house. “Putting the Cart Before the Horse” utilizes some of the same themes as “The Miyazawa Family,” however, this particular track has more of a jazz sound than “The Miyazawa Family.” This track is also a recognizable one from the series.

“Yukino Miyazawa III (Jazz Rock)” is one of Yukino’s themes that isn’t as recognizable to me as the others. I have to kind of laugh at the “jazz rock” designation, because to me, it sounds much closer to disco. “Coexistence and Co-Prosperity” is a nice-sounding song that features the saxophone, but I have to admit that I’m not recognizing this particular track from the series. “Yukino Miyazawa IV (Kanon)” is a Yukino theme that has a strong emphasis on strings. However, I have to admit that this is another piece that’s not jumping out at me as being recognizable from the series.

“Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne)” is a piano-based theme for Yukino, but again, I have to admit that this one isn’t very recognizable to me as I listen to it. “Undaunted” returns to the recognizable category. It’s an upbeat song that utilizes some of the elements from “The Miyazawa Family.”

“Into a Dream III” is a slower version of “Into a Dream II” and has more of an emphasis on strings. “Treasure Every Meeting” is another slower piece, and it’s another one that’s not ringing any bells to me right away when I listen to it.

“Into a Dream” is the full version of the ending credit song for His and Her Circumstances, which is sung by the seiyuu for Yukino and Souichiro. I always liked the ending credit song because it’s so catchy, so I’m glad I finally got the chance to hear the entire song. It works well as both the full version and as the TV version. “A Summary of the Story Hereafter” is the piece that played in the background for the preview of the next episode, so it’s a short piece. However, even though it’s a short piece, it’s an enjoyable piece.

Even though there were a few pieces on this disc that I didn’t recognize, I still found His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0 to be an enjoyable listen. The music is cohesive and flows well together, and provides a good sampling of music that was composed for the His and Her Circumstances anime series.

If you’re a fan of His and Her Circumstances, then this CD would be worth adding to your collection. However, it should be noted that this CD is now out of print. If you’d like to add this soundtrack CD to your music collection, then I would suggest checking out websites and brick and mortar stores that sell used CDs and see if you can find a good deal for this release.

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