Brothers Conflict: Episode 6 – “Sixth Conflict: Photos”

Brothers Conflict is a series about a high school girl named Ema who moves in with her new stepbrothers; she has a total of 13 stepbrothers, and the majority of them live in the condo that Ema moves into. The series focuses on Ema adjusting to having these new stepbrothers and with the feelings that some of the brothers seem to be developing for Ema.

This episode opens with Ema and Yusuke helping out at their school’s entrance ceremony. They both receive a shock when Azusa shows up, saying that he’s there as a guardian because the older brothers were too busy to come; it turns out Futo is a new student at their school.

Later, Ema finds Futo sleeping under a tree. She hears him muttering in his sleep, and it’s most definitely a dream about her. As she leans in to try to wake him, Futo suddenly opens his eyes and says he was acting. But he suddenly grabs her in his arms and pulls her up; Futo also makes sure to mention that he’s gotten taller so he can now look down on her from a higher vantage point. That line made me go, “Yep, Futo’s a jerk who looks down on her.”

Then, Futo pushes Ema against a tree and makes it look like he’s going to kiss her; however, he just ends up blowing some air on her. Futo says he wants her to look forward to something intimate, and also makes sure to add that he’s going to make high school life very exciting for her from here on out. After Futo leaves, Ema comments that she’s starting to get a little worried. Honestly, that almost felt like an understatement, and it’s hard for me to believe just how clueless she’s been about the situations with her various stepbrothers up to this point.

At home, Ema and some of the brothers are looking through old photo albums, and Ema makes a comment that she’s a little jealous because there weren’t many pictures taken of her when she was a kid and she doesn’t have an album. They find a photo that Tsubaki took of Azusa when they were younger, but it’s partly blurry. Azusa offers the picture to Ema, and she accepts it. That night, Tsubaki tells Azusa that he’s not backing down when it comes to Ema, not even to his twin.

Subaru and Natsume have a confrontation at the condo, which escalates with Subaru wondering if Natsume is truly worried about him or is actually worried about Ema. Ema overhears the conversation, and apologizes to Natsume. He tells her not to worry, and that Subaru only said what he said out of anger. After heading inside, Ema runs into Azusa, who gives her a photo album as a gift as a thank you for how she helped out him and Tsubaki back in episode four. As he talks with her, Azusa realizes it’s the first time they’ve really been able to talk one-on-one, since Tsubaki isn’t around.

One night, Ema can’t sleep and is up late, working on putting photos in her album downstairs. Tsubaki comes down and finds her there. He sees the picture Azusa gave her in the album, which he gives a dark look to. Tsubaki comments that she’s treating the picture with a lot of care, almost as if it’s a picture of a boyfriend. Tsubaki suddenly grabs Ema into an embrace and says that the kiss he gave her at the end of episode four wasn’t on the spur of the moment or a whim. He says he’s serious and says he’ll prove it. Tsubaki leans down for a kiss, but Ema pulls away. Tsubaki grabs Ema, pushing her down and getting on top of her. Tsubaki kisses Ema; fortunately, before anything can progress any further, she is saved by one of the other brothers.

Um… wow. I thought Subaru seemed rather obsessed about Ema back in episode five, but Tsubaki’s obsession is much worse. I honestly believe that if the brother hadn’t come in when he did, Tsubaki might have gone so far as to rape Ema in order to “make her his.” While Futo has joked around about raping Ema, he really comes across more like the type of guy who will talk big but not actually go through with what he’s talking about. But in this episode, Tsubaki proved just how possessive he was and that he would be willing to go to any lengths to “win” Ema.

After I finished watching this episode, I nearly wanted to yell to Ema: “Run! Run for the hills and get away from this den of hormones! This isn’t what they mean by ‘brotherly love’!”

At this point, since I’ve gotten this far into Brothers Conflict, I will go ahead and watch the remaining episodes in order to see what happens.

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