Sunday Without God: Episode 4 – “Ortus I”

Sunday Without God is an anime series that is set in a fictional world where 15 years prior to the start of the story, people stopped giving birth, and the dead cannot find rest unless they are buried by individuals known as “gravekeepers.” The story goes that God abandoned the world on a Sunday, and this is why these things have happened.

The main character is a girl named Ai Astin. Her mother was a gravekeeper, and she died when Ai was seven years old. At that point, Ai ended up having to take on the gravekeeper responsibility. One day, a man named Hampnie Hambart comes to her village and kills everyone except for her, since she was out doing her duty as a gravekeeper and digging graves for everyone in the village. At the end of the third episode, it’s confirmed that Hampnie was Ai’s long-lost father, but he ends up dying and Ai decides to go on a journey to save the world.

Episode four begins with Julie fixing up an abandoned van enough so it can run, and Ai, Julie, and Scar head on their way. Scar nonchalantly asks about a young man who is unconscious in the back seat. The first time he awakens, he’s not very cognizant of what’s going on around him, so Julie deduces that he must have been drugged.

When the young man is finally awake and cognizant, they learn that he is Kiriko Zubreska, an apprentice at the government office in Ortus. Julie offers to drop Kiriko off near Ortus, but the van ends up needing a better repair job. Julie ends up asking Kiriko if he could help arrange for a repair when they get to Ortus.

It’s revealed in the episode that Ortus is a land of Deceased, and that they kill any gravekeepers that come in and try to bury them. Julie cautions Ai not to tell anyone that she’s a gravekeeper, because she would more than likely be killed. Ai insists on staying in Ortus, and Scar wants to accompany her. Julie relents, but warns them not to wander outside. Ai is curious, anyway, and decides to see Ortus on her own.

After seeing the end of episode three, I wasn’t sure how strong the series would be after that. However, I’m happy to say that episode four works well as a continuation of the story. I liked seeing how Julie has become a kind of father figure for Ai, especially after losing her real father so quickly after finding him. The interactions between the characters of Ai, Julie, and Scar work well.

This new storyline that’s taking place in Ortus seems to have a lot of potential. I was intrigued by what I saw at the end of the episode, so I definitely want to watch episode five in order to see how the storyline progresses and what new information may be revealed to the viewer. I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d be continuing this series after watching episode one, but I’m glad that I decided to keep going with it.

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