Blood Lad: Episode 6 – “That’s Friendship”

Episode Six focuses on Akim Papradon, the Artificial Demon that was first introduced in Episode Five. Wolf begins the fight with the Artificial Demon, even going so far as to do his werewolf transformation. Unfortunately, the transformation doesn’t last as long as it should have. After Braz tells Staz he’s free to go to fight the demon in order to fulfill their bargain, Staz literally falls into the middle of the battle and takes over.

Meanwhile, Hydra-Bella talks with Frankenstein alone and gets him to admit that he knew that the Artificial Demon could use spatial magic. It also turns out that Hydra-Bella plays an important role in the conclusion of Staz’s battle. However, Staz doesn’t know that she had a hand in things. At the end of the battle, Wolf appears and says he wants to fight Staz again for Fuyumi.

Near the end of the episode, Hydra-Bella has managed to acquire all of the Artificial Demon’s parts, which she shows to Frankenstein. Just then, Braz and Liz arrive on the scene, and Liz declares that Frankenstein and Akim will face judgment for all the crimes committed in disturbing the peace of the demon world.

I had a couple of favorite parts in this particular episode. The first happens during Staz’s fight with the Akim, when Staz attempts to use a Kamehameha attack. Akim stops him before Staz can do anything, and derisively calls it a move of a third-rate fighter. Staz becomes very angry and lectures him how it’s the move of a fighter he idolizes, and how that fighter could have turned Akim into dust with it. This was a case where the Dragon Ball reference was actually humorous and worked with the story.

My other favorite part was getting to see a flashback sequence of when Wolf first met Staz. It may have been a short flashback, but it was a nice character development moment.

I’m happy to say that I’m at the halfway point of Blood Lad and that I’m still as interested in this series as I was after watching the first episode. The story of Blood Lad keeps the viewer interested and wanting to see more, and the characters in this series are rather endearing. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Seven in order to see what will happen next.

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