Episode Three picks up right where Episode Two ended. As Akari is pondering over revelations that were made near the end of the previous episode, a Daemonia appears in the city. Akari has no choice but to transform and try to fight it. However, when she hears a voice from the Daemonia asking for help, she hesitates. Unfortunately, this gives the Daemonia a chance to grab her. Two members of Sefiro Fiore come to her aid. But once Akari is freed, she prevents them from killing the Daemonia, and this allows it to escape.

Akari is forced to return to Sefiro Fiore and has to go to the dungeon for punishment for what she has done. Once Akari is freed from the dungeon, she tells Etia and Ariel about hearing the voice. Ariel doesn’t believe her, because her belief is that Daemonia take over both a person’s body and mind.

When the same Daemonia strikes again, Akari and her group are sent to deal with it. All I will say is that what happens over the course of this battle ends up convincing Akari to return to Sefiro Fiore and fight the Daemonia with the others.

Overall, I thought Akari’s conflicted feelings were handled really well, and how the others reacted to this felt rather believable. As I watched this episode, I kind of predicted what the outcome of the final battle with the Daemonia would be, so what happens at the end didn’t really grab me by surprise. Even if it wasn’t a surprise, I still enjoyed what I saw.

This episode also starts providing a little bit of backstory for Luna, who seems to be shaping up to become Akari’s best friend in the series. There’s definitely a bond being developed between Akari and Luna, so it will be interesting to see what could happen as a result of this bond.

While Day Break Illusion may not the best series of the Summer 2013 season, there’s enough going for it at this point that I’m willing to continue on with it. Admittedly, it was a little slow to start, but if you stick with it through the first couple of episodes, then Episode Three will more than likely pique your interest enough that you’ll want to continue on to see what happens.

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