Sunday Without God: Episode 3 – “Valley of Death III”

Sunday Without God is an anime series that is set in a fictional world where 15 years prior to the start of the story, people stopped giving birth, and the dead cannot find rest unless they are buried by individuals known as “gravekeepers.” The story goes that God abandoned the world on a Sunday, and this is why these things have happened.

The main character is a girl named Ai Astin. Her mother was a gravekeeper, and she died when Ai was seven years old. At that point, Ai ended up having to take on the gravekeeper responsibility. One day, a man named Hampnie Hambart comes to her village and kills everyone except for her, since she was out doing her duty as a gravekeeper and digging graves for everyone in the village. Hampnie doesn’t believe that Ai is a gravekeeper; however, in episode two, he learns through another gravekeeper called Scar that Ai is indeed a gravekeeper.

In episode three, Hampnie is attacked by a gang of deceased; however, before they attack, he kicks Ai off of a bridge into the water below. When Ai awakens, she finds Julie tending to her. At first, Ai is angry at Hampnie for kicking her into the river, but after Julie explains what happened, her anger subsides. And thanks to a picture that Julie has, it is proven that Hampnie is indeed Ai’s father.

Ai, together with Julie and Scar, go to rescue Hampnie from the gang of deceased. Before they arrive there, the leader of the gang taunts Hampnie, and claims to be his biggest fan. After Hampnie reveals how he would like to die, the gang leader becomes very angry. As he’s about to shoot Hampnie, Ai and the others arrive. The rest of the episode focuses on the fight with the gang of deceased and the aftermath.

I don’t want to provide spoilers, so all I will say is that the ending of this episode is rather bittersweet. To be honest, the ending of this episode almost felt like it should have been an end for the series; however, since I know there’s more episodes coming, I know this isn’t the end. I saw several comments at Crunchyroll that said these first episodes would have made for a strong three-episode OVA series and that all it needed was a little more explanation of Ai’s mom. I tend to agree with that. If Sunday Without God ended right here, I would have been satisfied.

Since there’s a major change at the end of this episode, I’m very curious to see how the series is going to continue with episode four, and I hope that the series will continue to be as strong as it has been up to this point.

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