The fifth episode sees the C3-Bu Club participating a goodwill game with the Seto Family Team, and the game is taking place on a remote island. The C3-Bu club arrives on a cruise ship, while the Seto Family Team arrives on a raft. After the two teams land on the island, they have their first game. During the fight, Yura flashes back to when she choked up in Episode Three, and declares that she won’t run away again. Over the course of the fight, Yura is so determined and serious about winning, that it’s not entirely clear if she’s truly having fun. There are hints throughout the episode that Sonora may be getting concerned about how Yura is approaching the survival games.

The next morning, the C3-Bu Club discovers their flag is gone. They find out that the Seto Family Team accidentally used both their flag and the C3-Bu Club flag as kindling to heat up the bath. Sonora devises a new flag with a large stick and the bikini tops of a couple of the members of the C3-Bu Club. With this new flag, the two groups participate in a center flag battle. In this kind of battle, both teams battle to claim the same flag within the allotted time. The team that brings it back to their territory wins. If the person holding the flag is hit, only that person is out of the game. The game resumes with the flag left in that location. The remainder of the episode focuses on this survival game and what happens afterward.

This was definitely a much more light-hearted episode than Episode Four was, and it was enjoyable to watch. Probably my one disappointment is the hints that Sonora is becoming concerned about Yura, but her concerns aren’t actually addressed anywhere in this episode. I really hope that Sonora’s concern will be addressed in the next episode, because I think this is something that would be a rather important plot point.

Another interesting thing to note is that Yura’s imagination was touched on a couple of times during this episode, but it only seemed to be terribly important during the center flag battle that takes place near the end of the episode. It will be interesting to see how important of a role Yura’s imagination ends up playing by the time the series concludes.

While there may not have been anything terribly “earth shattering” in Episode Five, it’s nice to have a light-hearted episode in an anime series every now and then. I’ll definitely be watching next week to see what happens in Episode Six.

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