The Eccentric Family: Episode 2 – “Mom and Raijin, God of Thunder”

The Eccentric Family is set in Kyoto, where humans, tanuki, and tengu live side-by-side. The main character of the series is Yasaburo Shimogamo, a tanuki who likes to transform into humans. He helps to take care of Professor Akadama, an elderly tengu who was Yasaburo’s teacher.

This episode focuses on Yasaburo and his family. The audience is first introduced to his mother, who disguises as a “prince” and she likes to hang out at a local pool hall and play pool. He also has three brothers that the audience meets throughout this episode.

His brother Yajiro lives in the bottom of a wishing well as a frog; apparently, he has forgotten how to transform back into a tanuki. Yashiro is Yasaburo’s younger brother, and he’s training to work at a power plant. Unfortunately, a couple of his co-workers are two tanuki from the Ebisugawa family who like to pick on Yashiro. The brothers, Ginkaku and Kinkaku, sneer at Yasaburo’s family because they think all of them are losers and they fear for the future of the tanuki because of them.

The last brother the audience meets is Yaichiro, who rescues Yashiro and Yasaburo from the two Ebisugawa brothers. A thunderstorm is taking place during all of this, and the three brothers rush to find their mother, because she has a fear of thunderstorms. They end up getting help from an unexpected ally.

After watching episode two, I will admit that it was better than episode one was. While there was some character development for Yasaburo in this episode, I can’t say that what I saw in this episode interested me enough to make me want to watch episodes of this series every week to follow what happens in this series. I still have to say that if I want to watch an anime that features tanuki that can transform into humans, I’d rather watch the Pom Poko anime film.

And with that, I’m giving The Eccentric Family a one-way ticket to Dropville.

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