During Episode Four, Staz went to Demon World Acropolis in order to find his brother Braz and try to get information on how to resurrect a human, since Braz wrote The Book of Human Resurrection. Staz was caught by his sister, Liz, and thrown into the worst prison in the demon world. In order to get out, Staz has to challenge two zombies and beat them. Unfortunately, he loses and heads back to the cell. But Staz keeps challenging them.

Meanwhile, Wolf notices that Fuyumi’s legs are disappearing, so he takes her to a doctor he knows named Frankenstein. Frankenstein determines that Fuyumi’s legs are disappearing because her ghost body has vampire magic mixed into it. This means she’s overloaded with magic and that her body is unable to absorb the amount of magical essence required for a vampire’s magic. Frankenstein claims that the only way to save Fuyumi is for her to completely become a vampire. However, Bella-Hydra appears and says Frankenstein’s not telling the truth. It turns out they can also extract the vampire part.

Braz arrives at the prison with Liz, and he learns about Staz wanting to learn how to resurrect a human. Braz will only agree to do so if Staz makes a deal with him. Between Braz and Frankenstein, the audience learns that Frankenstein has created Aritifical Demon No.9, who is named Akim Papradon. Frankenstein stitched together pieces of monsters to create an ever greater monster. Unfortunately, Akim complains he needs higher quality parts that are worthy of his body. The artificial demon disappears in search of better parts on his own, and he uses spatial magic to leave. Wolf ends up deciding to go after Akim, and Frankenstein says he can keep Fuyumi going for half a day with some magic essence that he has. If Akim can be destroyed in that time frame, then he can return Fuyumi to simply being a ghost. Near the end of the episode, Wolf ends up coming face-to-face with Akim.

It turns out Braz wants Staz to destroy Akim, but as he is right now, Staz is unable to do much. Braz offers to remove the magic bullet that’s sealing Staz’s power. This exchange reveals Braz’s side of what happened when Braz sealed Staz’s power away, and this was great backstory information to complement what the audience saw in Episode Three. Staz refuses to have the bullet removed, so Braz has Liz summon the zombies to fight with Staz again.

As I watched this episode, I really appreciated how these two storylines are now connected by more than just The Book of Human Resurrection. They are now also connected through the Artificial Demon. This leads me to believe that Staz and Wolf will have to run into each other again because of the Artificial Demon. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. And with what happens at the end of Episode Five, I wonder how this will change Staz’s character.

Now that we’ve actually seen Braz in the story outside of flashbacks, he’s a very complicated character. On the one hand, he comes across as really caring about Staz. But on the other hand, he’s definitely a scheming and conniving character.

I’ve really appreciated how the story of Blood Lad has progressed up to this point, and I’m really looking forward to watching Episode Six to see what happens next.

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