Just as I predicted in my writeup of Episode Three, Episode Four ended up featuring several vignettes instead of an overarching story. The first vignette focuses on Shinobu’s birthday, and how Shinobu doesn’t act like her age; instead, she acts older. Personally, I don’t see that much. OK, she may use formal Japanese when speaking, but there’s a lot of ways that I think she acts immature and spacy.

Next is a very short vignette about Shinobu and how technologically challenged she is. This is followed by an argument that Alice and Karen have over who is the “older sister” after they comment to each other that they must look like sisters to the Japanese people who see them. This vignette ends with Alice realizing how jealous she is of Karen becoming friends with Shinobu.

This is followed by a short vignette that focuses on Karen. The final vignette sees Shinobu getting sick with a cold and staying home from school, and Yoko receiving a mysterious letter in her shoe locker and it’s thought that it’s a love letter. Yoko doesn’t open it right away, and Aya is burning with curiosity. The ending of this vignette has a twist that happens at the end.

Overall, I have to admit that I was rather bored as I watched this episode of KINMOZA! Sad as it is to say, I think my honeymoon with this show is over. While it started out with an interesting premise, the series ultimately devolved into a typical “cute girls doing cute things” show. I can at least give KINMOZA! credit for keeping my interest longer than other shows that fall into this vein.

And with that, I’m giving KINMOZA! a one-way ticket to Dropville.

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