At the beginning of Episode Two, Akari has a brief dream of her mother and then awakens, and she has no idea where she is. A woman enters the room and introduces herself as Etia Visconti and that she is at Sefiro Fiore. Akari is also introduced to Ariel, Etia’s deputy director. An explanation is given to Akari about the Daemonia, the evil spirits that like evil hearts and attack people. Akari also learns about her magical girl abilities and that her power comes from the Tarot card, The Sun. She is also told that her mother had been a member of Sefiro Fiore, which is an organization that’s a battle unit to destroy Daemonia.

Akari ends up moving out of her aunt and uncle’s house and into Sefiro Fiore’s complex, which has a cover that it exists as a fortune telling school. Akari is assigned to a team of other newcomers: Luna Tsukuyomi, Ginka Shirokane, and Seira Hoshikawa. They are shown having classes together, such as science, physical education, and music.

Before long, they are sent on a mission to attack a Daemonia. They transform into their magical girl selves and attack. As Akari is about to deal the final blow, she suddenly has flashbacks to her cousin. One of the other team members has to finish the job instead.

Right near the end of the episode, important revelations are made to Akari, which makes her question what she needs to do. I’m sorry for how vague this is, but I don’t want to provide spoilers.

I have to admit that for most of Episode Two, I was rather bored. I think this was due, in large part, to the fact that quite a bit of this episode was still having to be spent introducing characters and establishing what’s going on in the series. In fact, I was just about to decide to drop Day Break Illusion when Akari receives her important revelations and starts her questioning. The ending of the episode piqued my interest enough that I’m willing to try to watch a third episode to see if I continue being interested. Episode Three could end up being the one that decides whether or not I will continue to follow Day Break Illusion.

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