Silver Spoon: Episode 2 – “Hachiken Rides a Horse”

Silver Spoon is an anime about a city boy named Yugo Hachiken who attends the Oezo Agricultural High School because he failed the entrance exams for the high school he wanted to attend and foolishly thought he would have an easier academic course at this school and would have more time to prepare for his college entrance exams. He quickly learns that this agricultural high school is keeping him much busier than he thought he would be, and that he doesn’t truly understand what farm life is like.

In the first episode, Yugo met a girl named Aki Mikage who is a member of the school’s Equestrian Club, and she encourages Yugo to check them out. Yugo’s plan is to not join any clubs, but he’s informed that the school requires everyone to participate in a club, and that there’s no academic clubs.

Early in episode two, Yugo’s teacher announces that everyone has to have decided on and joined a club by the end of the next week, and Yugo agonizes over what club he should join. While he’s looking for the Equestrian Club, he accidentally finds the Holstein Club. The upperclassmen are rather freaky, and they try to force Yugo to join; fortunately, Yugo is saved by an equestrian instructor who seems to be a rather jolly fellow. It turns out he’s headed toward the Equestrian Club, and gives Yugo a lift on the back of his horse.

Yugo sees Aki, and she takes him around to show him the types of things the club does; as part of this, she teaches Yugo how to feed a carrot to a horse. There’s a part of this that was supposed to be funny, but I really didn’t find it to be. After spending an afternoon with the club, Aki encourages Yugo to join again. Yugo signs up for the club and begins to attend meetings. The rest of the episode focuses on Yugo’s early days with the club.

I will give this episode credit for the fact that it wasn’t anywhere near as boring as the first episode had been, since there wasn’t as much that had to be done to establish the characters or the story. With that being said, though, I didn’t find a whole lot to laugh at during this episode; with Silver Spoon being marketed as a “fish out of water” comedy, that’s not very promising to me. Also, by the end of episode two, I haven’t entirely warmed up to Yugo, the main character of the series.

That’s not to say that Silver Spoon is a bad show, it’s just not appealing to me personally. Because of this, Silver Spoon is not a show that I feel motivated to watch week after week; instead, it’s a show where I would be more interested in being able to sit down and watch in slightly bigger chunks to see if maybe watching several episodes in a row might endear me to this show faster than watching one episode per week.

With that, I’m giving Silver Spoon a one-way ticket to Dropville.

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