Servant x Service: Episode 4 – “Beware of Next Week’s Unseen Danger”

Servant x Service is an anime series set in a government office building in Japan, and most of the main characters are new employees in the Welfare Department. Lucy Yamagani takes her job seriously, Yutaka Hasebe is a slacker, Saya Miyoshi is a nervous person, Megumi Chihaya is the temp worker who likes to cosplay and create doujinshi, Taishi Ichimiya is a first time supervisor who really doesn’t know how to lead others well, and Toko Ichimiya is Taishi’s little sister who drops by the Welfare Department rather regularly and causes problems for Taishi and the others.

Episode four is the first episode of Servant x Service to have an overarching story. Chihaya has been trying to covertly find ways to “accidentally” bump into Lucy in order to get her measurements for cosplay. One day, she finds Yutaka teaching Lucy sign language, and Chihaya doesn’t like how close the two of them have gotten. She talks to Yutaka later and declares that he’s her rival for Lucy; for some reason, she thinks that Yutaka will be able to get her to cosplay before she can.

Yutaka asks Lucy out, and she turns him down. Lucy assumes that Yutaka asks every girl out, but Saya tells her that when Yutaka asked for her email address, he commented that he’s never personally asked a girl out. Lucy talks to Yutaka and tells him she turned him down due to her own insecurities. He eventually gets her to agree to go and eat out with him, because it’s normal for co-workers to eat together.

Meanwhile, Lucy wonders why they have never met the section manager. It comes out that the section manager, Kenzo Momoi, is actually a stuffed rabbit that sits on top of the section manager’s desk, and the stuffed rabbit is able to talk and move about on its own. OK, I had a serious “What the heck?” moment when this revelation was made in this episode, because up to this point, the series had been at least somewhat realistic. Unfortunately, this does knock the realistic level down a notch.

Later in the episode, the section manager pitches a fit about not being invited to drinking parties with the staff. Near the end of the episode, Taishi, Lucy, Yutaka, Saya, and Kenzo go out drinking together. Lucy normally doesn’t drink because she doesn’t like the bitter taste of the alcohol; however, after Kenzo introduces her to a cocktail that she likes, she becomes drunk. Yutaka agrees to take her home; but when Lucy is too drunk to tell Yutaka where she lives and they miss the last train, he has to decide what he’s going to do.

Outside of the Kenzo revelation, this was probably the most serious episode of Servant x Service to date. That’s not to say there wasn’t any humor, because there was some, but this particular episode was definitely more serious in nature overall. After seeing what happens at the end of this episode, I’m very curious as to what will happen in episode five of Servant x Service.

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