Brothers Conflict: Episode 4 – “Fourth Conflict: Jealousy”

This episode opens with Ema and Yusuke attending a promotional event that Tsubaki and Azusa are hosting for a video game project they’re working on. Afterwards, Tsubaki offers to talk to Natsume about getting Ema a copy of the game that’s in development, since Natsume’s company is producing the game.

During the conversation, Tsubaki also mentions that he and Azusa have an important audition coming up later that day, for a new series that’s been green-lit for the anime that got Tsubaki into voice acting in the first place. Tsubaki is auditioning for the lead, while Azusa is auditioning for the hero’s rival.

Later, Azusa gets a call telling him that he got the lead role for the anime over Tsubaki. Meanwhile, Ema finds a copy of the game in the mail and a depressed Tsubaki comes by. She lets him know the game arrived, but Tsubaki hardly acknowledges her. After Tsubaki leaves, Azusa rushes in and asks Ema if she’s seen Tsubaki. After giving her reply, Azusa rushes out after Tsubaki.

When Ema plays the game, she gets stuck in a particular level. She calls Natsume and meets with him to talk about the game. During their meeting, Natsume receives a call on his cell phone from Azusa, who is still looking for Tsubaki. After the phone call, Ema learns what happened. The remainder of the episode sees Azusa and Tsubaki, with some help from Ema, patch up their differences.

Something that really stood out for me in this episode is the fact that for most of it, the brothers’ romantic feelings toward Ema weren’t the main focus. There’s a couple of hints of it with Subaru and Natsume, but it doesn’t hit with full force until the very end of the episode with Tsubaki. However, since a lot of this story focused on Tsubaki and Azusa, it was a nice change of pace for the series.

One thing I have to comment on at this point, though, is that I’m wondering if the 10-year-old brother was really necessary for the series. I’m now a third of the way through the series, and he feels like he’s just kind of “there” and doesn’t truly add anything to the story. It comes across that he was just thrown into the cast to have a “cute little brother” type that wouldn’t have any romantic feelings toward Ema. He just seems like a throwaway character.

Outside of wondering about the little brother’s purpose for the series, I really enjoyed the fourth episode of Brothers Conflict. I’m still very interested in the overarching story, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Episode Five.

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