The Eccentric Family: Episode 1 – “Goddess of the Noryoyuka”

The Eccentric Family, which is known as Uchoten Kazoku in Japan, is based on a novel by Tomihiko Morimi. The anime is produced by P.A. Works, and is directed by Masayuki Yoshihara. The Eccentric Family streams on Crunchyroll on Sundays.

The series is set in Kyoto, where humans, tanuki, and tengu live side-by-side. The main character of the series is Yasaburo Shimogamo, a tanuki who likes to transform into humans. He helps to take care of Professor Akadama, an elderly tengu who was Yasaburo’s teacher.

The first episode focuses on a lot of Yasaburo and Professor Akadama. During their conversation, Yasaburo has a flashback to meeting a human girl named Benten, another student of Professor Akadama. Benten has since moved on, and hangs out with a group of men known as the “Friday Club.”

Professor Akadama insists that Yasaburo needs to find Benten and deliver a letter to her. Yasaburo finds her, and uses a bow and arrow to deliver the message. Near the end of the episode, Benten finds Yasaburo and has some words for him.

I’m sorry that the description is rather short and feels sketchy, but not a whole lot happened in this episode. I felt rather bored by the end of it, because there was really nothing here to serve as a hook to grab me and make me want to watch more. However, I will try to cut this episode a little slack, since it is the first episode of a series and it had to spend time trying to develop the premise, the world, and the characters that inhabit the world. So I will watch a second episode of The Eccentric Family to see if perhaps it might improve enough for me to watch beyond episode two.

However, as of right now, I would have to say that if I’m going to watch a story that features tanuki that transform into humans, I’d much rather watch the Pom Poko anime film than this series.

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