At the end of the third episode, it was revealed that The Book of Human Resurrection was written by Braz D. Blood, Staz’s older brother. Unfortunately, this is bad news for Staz, because he can’t stand his brother. Braz lives in Demon World Acropolis, which is a place where only the elite and prestigious demons are allowed to live.

After Wolf gets angry with Staz, Staz relents about going to Demon World Acropolis to talk to his brother about how to resurrect humans in order to help Fuyumi. It’s decided that Hydra-Bella will use her spatial magic to take him there. As she’s setting up the connection, Wolf and Staz get in an argument, and Wolf kicks Staz through the portal before it’s completed.

Staz ends up in Hydra-Bella’s bedroom, and she decides to use the opportunity to try to seduce him and test him. During this section, the viewer is treated to some backstory on Staz, and how Braz concocted a potion to seal away Staz’s power, and shot it into Staz’s heart with a bullet that only Braz can remove. After this conversation Hydra-Bella decides that Staz isn’t the magic thief who stole her black curtain. However, she also seems to be starting to fall for Staz.

Near the end of the episode, Hydra-Bella takes Staz to Demon World Acropolis, but can’t take him all the way to Braz’s place. Unfortunately, Staz is caught by his younger sister, Liz, who is a prison warden. She sends him to the worst prison in the demon world.

Meanwhile, while Fuyumi is with Wolf, she becomes sleepy and crashes. Wolf discovers that her legs are disappearing, so Wolf heads toward a doctor named Frankenstein to try to find out what’s happening to Fuyumi.

This was definitely an episode that focused rather heavily on Staz’s backstory, and was more serious in nature than the previous three episodes of Blood Lad had been. That’s not a bad thing, though, and I thought this episode gave the viewer a bit of important insight into Staz. And now with Hydra-Bella developing feelings for Staz, this adds yet another layer to the dynamics between the characters.

The one issue I had with this particular episode is how it ended. The viewer is starting to see a set up for a battle, and then the episode just ends rather abruptly. But even with this awkward ending to the episode, I overall enjoyed what I saw in Episode Four. I will definitely be watching Episode Five to see what happens next.

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