Servant x Service: Episode 3 – “Don’t Neglect the Safety of You or Your Workplace”

Servant x Service is an anime series set in a government office building in Japan, and most of the main characters are new employees in the Welfare Department. Lucy Yamagani takes her job seriously, Yutaka Hasebe is a slacker, Saya Miyoshi is a nervous person, Megumi Chihaya is the temp worker who likes to cosplay and create doujinshi, Taishi Ichimiya is a first time supervisor who really doesn’t know how to lead others well, and Toko Ichimiya is Taishi’s little sister who drops by the Welfare Department rather regularly and causes problems for Taishi and the others.

Episode three can be broken down into three vignettes. The first one focuses on Taishi and his issues with being in charge of others. This particular vignette focuses on interactions between Taishi, Megumi, Lucy, and Toko.

The second vignette sees Lucy having a major problem; her last working hook on her bra breaks, which causes her a lot of embarrassment. The others in the workplace notice this, but don’t say anything. Amazingly, and in a kind of humorous way, it ends up being Yutaka who comes to Lucy’s rescue.

The final vignette is actually the longest of the three in the episode. Yutaka is adamant that he needs to get Lucy’s email address. He ends up following Lucy to a bookstore, and learns that when it’s close to payday, she cuts back on food in order to buy books. He makes an agreement with her that if she lets Yutaka treat her to dinner that he’ll allow her to buy the books. After the meal, he forgets to ask Lucy for her email address.

Yutaka also comes to Lucy’s rescue several more times during this vignette, and overall, there’s a bit more of a serious tone to this vignette compared to many of the others that have appeared in the series so far. It almost feels like there could be a buildup to a relationship between Yutaka and Lucy going on, so it will be interesting to see if I’m right as the series continues.

Admittedly, this episode isn’t quite as humorous as the previous two episodes. The first two vignettes in this episode were OK, but nothing terribly special. However, it’s the third vignette with Yutaka and Lucy that makes episode three of Servant x Service worth viewing.

Because of this third vignette, I plan to continue watching Servant x Service to see how the series will continue to progress.

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