Chronicles of the Going Home Club: Episode 2 – “If the Cuckoo won’t sing, it’s probably dead \ Girl Power Overdrive \ Social Mixer Training”

Chronicles of the Going Home Club is an anime series that focuses on a group of five girls who are members of the Going Home Club, a club at their high school that is about finding out about how much fun they can have after school.

There were a total of three vignettes that took place during this episode, and I only feel like they truly had any kind of fun during the third one. The first two vignettes basically saw the girls sitting around a table and talking, with attempts being made to add humor to the proceedings. The only notable thing in this vignette is the fact that the seal that hangs out in the club room actually talks; of course, there’s still no kind of explanation as to why this random seal is there in the first place.

In the first vignette, Karin starts a discussion about the cuckoo poems, which were written to describe the personalities of the Three Great Unifiers. The poems have to do with a cuckoo not singing. This vignette ends up having the girls discussing what they would do if they had a cuckoo that wouldn’t sing. Personally, I found this particular vignette to be rather boring and not very funny; of course, this might be due to the fact that I have a limited knowledge about the Warring States period that the Three Great Unifiers came from.

The second vignette sees Karin bring cookies to the club room that she made herself. Sakura makes a big deal out of this, because she assumed Karin was a “brainless beauty” that wasn’t capable of cooking. This vignette suddenly sees a Dragon Ball Z Scouter appear over Sakura’s eye, which she uses to measure Karin’s Feminine Appeal. This vignette uses some of Vegeta’s dialogue about the Scouter from Dragon Ball Z and tries to apply it to the story taking place. I’m a Dragon Ball Z fan, and normally I’m easily amused by Dragon Ball Z references and parodies that appear in anime; however, this just felt rather stupid, “over the top,” and not terribly funny.

The final vignette sees the girls doing a social mixer practice drill. Claire and Botan play the boys in the practice drill, Natsumi and Karin are the girls, and Sakura is the waitress/referee. Sakura assigns rather arbitrary points, as well as drags out the already worn out Dragon Ball Z Scouter joke. Again, I really didn’t find this vignette to be terribly amusing.

Overall, I found this episode of Chronicles of the Going Home Club to be boring and not very funny. While anime viewers who enjoy series like Yuyushiki will more than likely enjoy Chronicles of the Going Home Club, this series just isn’t for me. At this point, I’d rather watch KINMOZA!, which is another Summer 2013 anime series that features cute high school girls doing cute things.

And with that, I’m giving Chronicles of the Going Home Club a one-way ticket to Dropville.

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