Brothers Conflict: Episode 3 – “Third Conflict: Promise”

Brothers Conflict is a series about a high school girl named Ema who moves in with her soon-to-be stepbrothers. Her father is about to marry their mother. She has a total of 13 stepbrothers, and the majority of them live in the complex that Ema moves into.

I know I changed the description of the series very noticeably from the first two episodes. However, it was made clear in Episode Three that the parents hadn’t actually gotten married yet, and that the marriage would be happening soon. In fact, the wedding itself takes place near the end of this episode.

But to backtrack, Episode Three begins with a slight recap of what happened at the end of Episode Two. Ema ran into the teen idol brother, Futo, at a DVD rental place. Without thinking about the fact that he’s a teen idol, she calls out to him in the store and customers realize that he’s there. Futo makes her rent the DVDs and dashes out of the store. When she arrives home, Futo chides her for taking too long, and that he’s going to punish her by making her do things with him in her room. The episode begins with what goes on in Ema’s room.

I have to admit that the way it was being portrayed at first, I thought he was going to try to take advantage of this situation in the worst possible way. For the most part, this ended up being a fakeout, but something does come close to happening. Fortunately, Yusuke (the brother who is Ema’s classmate) manages to interrupt before this can happen. Since Yusuke has a crush on Ema, he’s very unhappy by what he sees, and drags Futo out of the room.

This episode also sees Ema’s pet squirrel, Juli, doing something a bit more relevant. It’s revealed in this episode that Louis, the hairdresser brother, can also understand what Juli is saying. Juli and Louis form a coalition to protect Ema.

This episode finally introduces the audience to the final two brothers who we, along with Ema, hadn’t met previously. Hikaru is a cross-dresser, and Natsume works for a game company. In addition, Natsume is a triplet with Tsubaki and Azusa (the two seiyuu brothers).

Since the wedding takes place during this episode, it was finally nice to actually get to see Ema’s father and the Asahina brothers’ mother. We’d heard so many references to them, but the audience finally gets to see what they look like.

While the actual wedding ceremony wasn’t shown, we did get to see the reception afterwards. Subaru and Ema are able to patch things up between them after the misunderstanding that took place between them in Episode Two on Subaru’s birthday. The reception ends with all 13 Asahina brothers welcoming Ema into their family.

Now that all the characters are introduced and all the pieces seem to be in place, I’m very interested to see where Brothers Conflict goes next in Episode Four. I will definitely sit down and watch more of this series next week.

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