Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3: Episode 3 – “Does Enemy Fire Pierce Even the Soul?”

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 is an anime series set at Stella Women’s Academy, and focuses on a new student named Yura Yamato. Yura is a new freshman at the school, and she’s a timid girl with a rather vivid imagination.

Yura ends up joining the C3-Bu Club, which is a club at the school that plays “survival games” with air guns. The third episode of the series sees the C3-Bu Club going to a High School Survival Game Tournament that’s called “The Battle Without Honor of Humanity.” This tournament focuses on flag battles, where the team either has to steal the flag from the enemy’s zone or defeat all of the enemies to win. This is also an elimination tournament.

Yura’s rather nervous, since this is her first time participating in a major tournament. We see the club participate in its first battle, and Yura is the one who actually makes the move that helps the club to win. The next three tournaments are shown through a montage of stills, and it’s shown that the C3-Bu Club wins all three of them.

The next tournament is against the team from Meisei Women’s Academy. The long-time members of the C3-Bu Club have fought them four times previously, and all four times ended in a draw. They also know Rin Haruna, the captain of that team. In fact, Rin was Sonora’s partner during the competition that took place in America.

A lot of emphasis for the remainder of the episode is on this particular tournament. Rather quickly, Yura ends up being the final member of the team still on the field. Unfortunately, Yura’s still rather timid and scared, so this really wasn’t the best thing to have happen during this tournament. I won’t say what happens in order to avoid providing spoilers. However, I will say that the result of this tournament causes Yura to make a major decision that helps to progress her character development.

Compared to the previous two episodes of the series, Episode Three puts a much stronger emphasis on the survival games. However, there is still some character development that comes through by the end of Episode Three, so it ends up containing all of the elements I’ve come to appreciate and expect from this series.

With the character development that Yura undergoes right at the end of Episode Three, I’m very interested in watching Episode Four of Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 in order to see how this change for Yura affects the dynamics for the series.

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