The second episode begins with the Fantasista Dolls training Uzume on how to summon them. Sasara, one of the dolls, wants her to do some more practice so she can learn how to summon weapon and trap cards, but Uzume complains that she’s too worn out from training all day.

Over the course of the episode, Uzume gets into arguments with Sasara over a couple of things that happen, and Uzume becomes so frustrated that she declares that she never should have made the contract and that she wants to return the dolls to their rightful owners. Uzume is told that they came from a research facility.

When Uzume goes to the research facility, she sees that it has fallen into disrepair. Undeterred, Uzume goes into the building to try to find somewhere that she can leave the device and the dolls. Uzume manages to activate a trap card that protects the building, and is attacked by a group of dolls in military gear. The rest of the episode focuses on what happens to Uzume and her dolls during this battle.

In this episode, the audience is introduced to a character that hadn’t been seen in the first episode, and I believe this character is the identity of Lord Rafflesia. If I’m right, then it falls into the formula of someone who has the ability to be near the protagonist on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, by the time I finished watching the second episode of Fantasista Doll, I really wasn’t seeing anything major to differentiate this series from similar series, such as Angelic Layer and Cardcaptor Sakura. At this point, the series leaves me with a “been there, done that” feeling, and I’m really not feeling motivated to continue following this series to see if it can find its own identity and stand out from these series that came out before it.

With that, I’m giving Fantasista Doll a one-way ticket to Dropville.

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