Blood Lad: Episode 3 – “You Had It All Along”

During the second episode, Hydra-Bella told Staz that The Book of Human Resurrection, a book that he’s looking for to find information on how to bring Fuyumi back to life, was sold in the Demon World to a territory boss named Wolf. It turns out Staz and Wolf were childhood friends, but they are now both territory bosses.

Staz and Fuyumi return to the Demon World and hire a carriage to take them to West Demon World, which is Wolf’s territory. Their carriage almost collides with Wolf and his cronies, but Wolf manages to split it in half. I still say that Wolf makes me think of Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, except that Wolf has a more sinister look to him than Hitsugaya does.

At first, it looks like Wolf and Staz are going to fight each other, but the audience is given a fakeout when the two greet each other warmly. When Staz asks Wolf about the book, his response is that it sounds like it would be too difficult of a book for him to read. When Staz asks for Wolf’s help in locating the book, he says he wants to be paid for his help. Staz says they can battle each other: Wolf will help look for the book if Staz wins, and Staz will give Fuyumi to Wolf if he wins. Wolf agrees to the match.

Another fakeout happens when we learn Staz and Wolf will have a bowling match instead of a fight. However, another fakeout happens when it turns out to be a boxing match instead of a bowling match. The rest of the episode focuses on the boxing match, as well as the aftermath. There’s actually a bit of comedy included in this section of the episode.

During the boxing match, Wolf discovers that he has developed a genuine interest in Fuyumi. This new element could add some interesting dynamics between Staz and Wolf, since it’s obvious that Staz is interested in Fuyumi.

Also, as the episode progresses and revelations are made, it makes the audience wonder what exactly Hydra-Bella is playing at and what her true objectives are. So now, not only am I watching the series to see if Staz can succeed in bringing Fuyumi back to life, I’m also watching to try to figure out what Hydra-Bella’s role is and how she’ll end up fitting into everything.

At this point, I’m still enjoying Blood Lad quite a bit. While the second and third episodes haven’t been nearly as “laugh out loud” funny as the first episode was, the humor in these episodes are still enjoyable. And with the revelations that were made at the end of Episode Three, I’m looking forward to watching the next episode to see what direction the story ends up going in.

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