Hyperdimension Neptunia: Episode 2 – “The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee”

Hyperdimension Neptunia is an anime series set in an unreal world called Gamindustri. The four Goddesses that rule the four states have come together to make a treaty that forbids them from taking Share, the source of the Goddess’ power, by force.

This episode sees Neptune and Noire, along with their little sisters, visiting the state of Lowee. They were asked to come by Rom and Ram, the little sisters of Lowee’s Goddess, Blanc. It turns out that the fourth Goddess, Vert, is there visiting with Blanc. During some interactions in this scene, the subtitles show that Blanc uses a bit of swearing in her dialogue. However, I don’t know if this language is in the original Japanese, or if the translator decided to “fifteen” Blanc’s dialogue.

It turns out a new amusement park called Super Nittenland has opened up in Lowee, and the Goddess’ younger sisters want to go. Blanc asks the others to take Rom and Ram, because she is unable to go.

Super Nittenland makes several references to the Mario games, and there’s even a couple of Tetris references. There are warp pipes, mushrooms, and yellow coins that visitors can grab. There’s even Tetris blocks in the sky. In my opinion, these video games references were probably the best part of the episode.

While they’re at the amusement park, Rom and Ram and are kidnapped by this thing called Trick, and it has a long tongue. According to Trick, he likes to lick and he’s only interested in little girls. My first thought after that piece of dialogue was: “Ewww… a pedophile!”

While a search is on for Rom and Ram, a character named Abnes forces her way into Blanc’s castle and starts berating her on a live feed of her internet show, Abnes Channel. Abnes makes it clear that she thinks that little girls shouldn’t be CPU Goddesses. The rest of the episode focuses on the Goddesses and their little sisters trying to find Rom and Ram and rescue them.

By the end of the first episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia, I found myself feeling rather bored. While I wasn’t bored by the second episode, I was disturbed by some of the things that take place in it. At this point, I have no plans to continue watching this series, and am giving it a one-way ticket to Dropville. So long, Hyperdimension Neptunia!

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One comment

  1. Ryan Alex McPherson · July 27, 2013

    Well the show is adapted from a video game. So of course there’s video game references.

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