Brothers Conflict: Episode 2 – “Second Conflict: Confusion”

Brothers Conflict is a series about a high school girl named Ema who moves in with her stepbrothers after her father marries their mother. She has a total of 13 stepbrothers, and the majority of them live in the complex that Ema moves into.

The title of this episode is “Confusion,” and there are two brothers who fall into this category during this episode. The first is Yusuke, the brother who is Ema’s classmate. He developed feelings for Ema before his mother married her father, so he has a hard time accepting the fact that there’s now a family relationship between them. The other brother who feels confused is Subaru, who celebrates his 20th birthday during this episode. His confusion seems to stem from how exactly he feels about Ema.

In some respects, the episode title could also apply to Ema as well. She finally gets to meet one of the brothers who wasn’t home during the first episode, the teen idol named Futo. Where most of the other brothers seemed to be rather accepting of Ema when she moved in, Futo is openly scornful of her, says she’s cute in her own way, but that she looks like she must be an idiot. He does other things like this throughout the episode, and I swear I wanted to throttle that brat. But then I thought that he seemed to be acting like an immature little boy that teases the girl he likes, so we’ll see if that may be the case here or not as the series progresses.

A major focus of the episode is on Subaru’s birthday, and on some misunderstandings that take place after the birthday party.

As I watched this second episode, I began learning some of the brothers’ names, but there are still several whose names I can’t recall when I see their faces. And from what is hinted at the end of the episode, it looks like another one of the absent brothers will be making an appearance in the next episode. Oh, boy… another name that I’ll need to try to learn.

It looks like the series may be starting to put a focus on particular brothers, which is why I think I was able to finally learn their names. It will be interesting to see whether the focus continues to be on those brothers, or if the focus will shift again.

So far, Brothers Conflict seems to be shaping up to be an interesting series with a good mix of drama and humor, even if there are a lot of characters in the series. I have to admit that I’m still not sold on Juli, Ema’s talking pet squirrel. I didn’t think Juli really added anything of any real substance during the second episode that couldn’t have been achieved some other way.

I’m intrigued enough by what I’ve seen in Brothers Conflict that I plan to watch the next episode to see what will happen next in the series.

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