Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3, is an anime series set at Stella Women’s Academy, and focuses on a new student named Yura Yamato. Yura is a new freshman at the school, and she’s a timid girl with a rather vivid imagination.

During the first episode, she was approached by the C3-Bu Club, which is a club at the school that plays “survival games” with air guns. Yura participates in one of the club’s games near the end of the first episode. However, right at the beginning of the second episode, the audience sees that Yura isn’t quite sure whether or not she should join the club or not.

Yura’s roommate, a tomboyish third-year student named Sonora Kashima, arrives home from a shooting competition in America, and we get to see Yura and Sonora’s first meeting. Yura talks to Sonora about being approached by weird girls with guns about joining a club, and ends up learning that Sonora is the president of C3-Bu. Yura becomes rather embarrassed after that.

Sonora tries a rice ball that Yura made, and her reaction to it is rather amusing. It turns out Yura can make perfect rice balls, and Sonora knows this because when she was younger, the master teaching her how to shoot guns made Sonora make rice balls in order to learn how to make them perfectly. Sonora’s master wouldn’t start training her with a gun until she could make the rice balls perfectly.

When Sonora reunites with the other members of the club, they pester her about whether or not Yura will join. After Sonora says no, the other club members try to take any action necessary to get Yura to join. These attempts end up being rather hilarious. The other club members become so frustrated that they issue a challenge: Sonora and Yura must get into a battle with them. If Sonora and Yura win, Yura doesn’t have to join and Sonora doesn’t have to try to recruit Yura. However, if the other club members win, Yura has to join the club and Sonora has to polish the club’s guns while wearing a swimsuit.

They end up having a “VIP Battle,” where Yura serves as a bodyguard while protecting the VIP (Sonora). The other club members make the tomboyish Sonora wear a dress, since she’s the VIP. Sonora’s expressions are so amusing when she’s forced to wear the dress. The battle commences, with Sonora giving Yura help and advice along the way. However, I’m not going to tell you how it ends, because I don’t want to provide any spoilers.

Compared to the first episode, this episode focuses a little more on character development than on Yura’s vivid imagination or on the humor. However, this character development is a very important aspect for this episode, so it needed to happen. And while there may not be as much focus on the humor in this episode, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything humorous at all. In fact, I even mentioned a couple of the humorous bits earlier in this piece.

Overall, I have to say that I was just as impressed with this episode as I was with the first one. But now that the main pieces all seem to be in place, it will be interesting to see how the series progresses. I’m looking forward to watching the third episode to see where the series goes to next.

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