Naruto Best Hit Collection 2 is a 13-track CD that includes three of the Naruto opening themes, eight of the Naruto ending themes, and the ending themes for the first and second Naruto films.

Naruto Best Hit Collection 2
Publisher: Sony/Columbia
Release Date: July 29, 2008

The idea behind the sequencing for this CD seems to be the same as it was for the Naruto Best Hit Collection CD. The disc has with the sixth ending theme, the ending for the first Naruto film, the fifth opening, the seventh and eighth endings, the sixth opening, the ninth and 10th endings, the ending for the second Naruto film, the seventh opening, and then the 11th through 13th endings.

The CD opens with “Meteor,” which is more of a midtempo song. This is the ending theme that accompanied the footage of the four female Genin in their bathing suits. As my husband refers to it, it’s the “cheesecake ending credits.” This is followed by “Home Sweet Home,” the ending credit song for Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. While I like the musical arrangement of this song, I feel the singer that was hired to sing this is rather weak. In fact, there are times during the song that she hits some rather bad notes. I’d like this song a lot better if there was a better vocalist on it.

Next is “Roaring Youth Song,” which is an upbeat and very memorable theme song for the Naruto anime series. This particular opening theme is strongly connected with the Sasuke Retrieval arc, which was a major plot point for the series. This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD.

This is followed by “Mountain a Gogo Two,” which is an upbeat ending theme. Unfortunately, I recognize this song because of the psychedelic animation that accompanies it. This has never been one of my favorite Naruto theme songs, and hearing the full-length version makes me like this song even less. It’s just not one of the stronger theme songs for the Naruto series.

“The First Time I Spoke With You” is actually another upbeat ending theme. This is the ending that is accompanied primarily by footage showing Naruto running. I do enjoy the song, especially being able to hear it without the accompanying visuals. While the visuals aren’t as annoying as the psychedelic footage that accompanies “Mountain a Gogo Two,” this ending is visually a little on the boring side.

“No Boy, No Cry” is an upbeat opening theme song. Visually, the main thing I remember about this opening is the fact that you get to see a group shot of the Akatsuki from the back. This is a catchy song, although there are times when the vocalist focuses more on screaming than on singing.

“Lost Words” is a slower ending theme song. This is another song that is more memorable for its song than for its accompanying visuals. If I remember correctly, this one features Naruto and Sakura, and I think there’s a shooting star in there somewhere. “Speed” is another uptempo ending theme, and I remember it more for its song than for its visuals. Even with the forgettable visuals, it’s still a good song.

“Ding! Dong! Dang!” is the ending theme for the second Naruto film, Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel. It starts out kind of slow, but it picks up in tempo as it progresses. This is a much more memorable film theme song than “Home Sweet Home” from the first Naruto film is.

“Namikaze Satellite” is an upbeat opening theme, and it’s also on the catchy side. “I’m Always By Your Side” is a slower ending theme song, and it’s one I like. This is the ending that shows most of the Leaf Village Genin when they were children. I think both the song and the visuals are very sweet.

“Parade” is a mid-to-uptempo ending theme, and this one actually had two sets of visuals. The first visual, which only lasted for a short time, showed some of the animals that appeared in the series, as well as Naruto dressed in a dog suit. I was glad when this footage was quickly replaced with Sakura and the “sparklies.”

The final song is “Yellow Moon,” and it’s a midtempo ending theme. The visuals for this ending focus on some of female Genin at the beach. There’s also the puzzling shot of a cell phone on the beach with small waves running over it. I think there are also shots of the moon as well. This is a decent ending, even if its accompanying visuals are a little puzzling.

If you want to collect the various opening and ending themes for the Naruto television anime series, then getting a hold of Naruto Best Hit Collection and Naruto Best Hit Collection 2 would be a good way to start acquiring the theme songs. However, this CD is starting to become harder to find. Be sure to look around at sites that sell Japanese import CDs and try to find the best deal.

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