Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji is a historical fiction anime series that’s set at the end of the Sengoku period. However, the series portrays an alternate story of this era of Japan’s history.

The main characters are Naoe Kanetsugu and Maede Keiji. Kanetsugu is a retainer for Useugi Kenshin, while Keiji is a well-known eccentric warrior. The episode opens with them sharing a drink together and reminiscing about their past, specifically about a Uwanariuchi that involves a man named Yamada Kiachi who brought misfortune onto himself because he got himself involved in one.

The first half of the episode either has characters re-explaining events and concepts that were already explained in the first episode or “info dumping” through flashbacks to provide a little more backstory for Keiji. Unfortunately, the re-explaining of concepts from the first episode used the exact same footage from the first episode when it was explained the first time, so I experienced several instances of déjà vu.

Another problem that plagued this episode was how much skipping around in time was taking place. While this was primarily prevalent in the first half of the episode, it did also happen slightly in the second half. This made it a little hard for me to follow the episode at times.

This episode finally gets to the Uwanariuchi, where Kanetsugu is mediating the proceedings. The ex-wife claims that she has Maeda Keiji. When he shows up, a twist about the Uwanariuchi is revealed.

While I was glad to see the story finally progress from the first episode, I thought the first half of this episode still felt sluggish. Even though the second half didn’t have the sluggishness, it was a little hard to follow at times due to skipping around in time.

Ultimately, I think there’s an interesting idea being presented, but that the execution of the idea isn’t as strong as it could be. However, since the Uwanariuchi story arc has reached its conclusion, I’m willing to give this series another chance with the third episode to see if the execution of the storytelling gets better after moving on from this particular story arc. However, if I don’t see any real improvement in the series’ execution with the third episode, then I will seriously consider dropping it.

I’ll try to watch the third episode of Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji as soon as I can after it becomes available to free members at Crunchyroll.

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