Dog & Scissors: Episode 2 – “Strike While the Dog Is Hot”

In the first episode of Dog & Scissors, a high school bookworm named Harumi Kazuhito is killed while protecting a young woman writer from a gunman during a robbery. The boy is resurrected as a dog, and ends up living with the young woman writer. The young woman is named Natsuno Kirihime, and she’s a psycho woman who wields a pair of scissors in a holster. Harumi is shocked to discover that Natsuno is actually his favorite author, Akiyama Shinobu.

The beginning of the second episode backtracks slightly from where the first episode ended. It ends up taking about six-and-a-half minutes to return to the point where the first episode ended. Unfortunately, I didn’t think these six-and-a-half minutes truly added anything. It included some unfunny jokes and a couple of random characters that appear in the opening credits, but as of yet don’t seem to have much of a purpose for the story.

When we finally return to where the first episode ended, we learn that the man who killed Harumi has been hiding out in one of the rooms Harumi had at the apartment he was living at. Natsuno gets into a battle with the man, and he uses moves that she created in her books against her. Also, it appears he changed because he read her books while hiding out at Harumi’s place. I thought these things were silly, but not in a funny or amusing way.

Then Natsuno unsheathes her scissors and ends up getting the upper hand. At the end of the battle, the man is hanging over the overpass and could be easily toppled to the freeway below. Harumi doesn’t want to take revenge, because the man likes books. There’s actually a somewhat touching moment here when Harumi has an exchange with Natsuno, which ultimately sees him telling her that she shouldn’t blame herself for his death.

After that scene, I was almost willing to give another episode of Dog & Scissors a chance. Unfortunately, during the last three to four minutes of the episode, the scissors shtick I hated from the first episode returned. The ending of the episode basically destroyed any good feelings I had started developing for the show.

Between the unfunny jokes and the stupid scissors shtick, I have decided to give Dog & Scissors a one-way ticket to Dropville. So long, Dog & Scissors!

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